I Have Power Like No Other.

Everyone I tell is understandably sceptical but I know I can really do this. I have strange out-of-this-world control over time. I have dreams of the future sometimes. I sometimes have visions in the daytime too. I close my eyes and I see something happen in front of me really vividly and then it happens. I can change it ever so slightly too. That's not all. That's the normal part. I can also slow down and speed it up. You know when you have something thrown towards your head and time slows down that tiny fraction of a second? I can do that at will. I can speed it up to. I sit in class, close my eyes and concentrate on heating my body up and imagine time rapidly moving for about a minute. I open my eyes and 10 minutes are gone! Just like that! Once I almost paused time. I made myself cold and imagined time freezing and everything was so so slow that it seemed like everyone in the room stood still and their voices were really slurred. It lasted for a few seconds but it was the most amazing I have felt in a while.

Can you do this? Do you know anyone that can or has abilities that are not exactly natural? You may think I'm making this up to get attention but I am honestly wondering if I'm the only one. This is pretty important to me.
BensJam BensJam
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Ive had it since i was tiny...iv mentioned all my life but i get funny pathetic look, as if im crazy.
I cant control it though, there is spirit with me when it happens.
It feels like someone is pressing there finger inside my head and time slows down or speeds up. Once it happens depending in my mood i can control it but when panicking i loose it.
Once im at a comfortable point and time around me changes i can actually communicate simultaniously in multiple dimensions.