I am able to disappear in a crowded room & exit without anyone noticing  :D



caroli9 caroli9
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13 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Gotcha beat... No one ever sees me coming in!

I have this too, haha. I'm quite used to people not seeing me.

Are you still invisible? :D

BOO !!!

And you think we haven't noticed ;)<br />
<br />

Lets just say ... I'll be INVISIBLE !! and you would just have to trust that Im at the wheel :P

I have the power to drive invisibly, but I don't use it anymore.

Or your Mind Reading ability ? <br />
<br />
But You knew I was going to say that didnt you ?? <br />
<br />
Hey !! Stop Looking at me like that... makes me nervous :P

Yes. (Probably best not to tell people about my additional power of X-ray Vision?)

Sounds like you have the Power to see Invisible people.


Yes ... I also have the Power of Positive Thinking :P

REALLY?!?!?!?!?! O.O