I know I have super powers because when I make a special hand movement outside all of a sudden the wind blows a lot harder. I can also witstand extreme heat. i can't create fire but I can touch it. I also noticed I've increased in speed since before. ( last year )
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I have been able to stop electrical currents and once I turned my hand into stone when I touched a rock. I also have friend who can manipulate the wind. It's nice to know we're not the only ones.

I also have that wind thing. As for the fire thing, I have something similar where I can look directly into the sun and be completely unaffected by it. I never knew so many other people had powers until I came here.

I agree with jacob1080David.<br />
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What you have is Aerokinesis, as well as a strong bend toward Pyrokinetics. <br />
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Personally, I can effect the weather (create rain, etc...), manipulate electronic equipment and influence outcomes of competitions. I can win any chance game almost every time. All I have to do is fill my chakras with energy, then speak my intent mentally, and it usually happens. Or I just make myself happy and my rolls get better and better until I win. (I'm speaking about dice)<br />
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I'm glad to have actually found someone else with abilities.

man don't listen to that B*tch. I believe you, I don't make the wind move myself but know that it is a medium for communication between me and God. I also know that I am very gifted telepathically and frequently get disbelieving comments from retards like that B*tch who are unconnected with their Godly powers. Good to meet another intouch with their superior powers.

I have a superpower too. I automatically know a delusional person when I come across one.