........I Always Wanted One, It Was Just a Matter of Deciding Which One.

It's been a while, almost a year now when I decided to get my tattoo. It's been a project that has taken me a long time simply because I did not know what to choose and I did not want to end up with something thousands of others had in one way or another, no cartoon, no standard skull, sword dragon rose mother or a whatever. I wanted something that symbolized something that was part of me. I looked at images online and in portfolios of local artists and though I saw a lot of talent I never saw anything that struck me as a have to. I finally found an artist that did exceptional work and only original designs created by himself. I made an appointment, we talked about the layout and seize as well as cost of course and then the day was set.

Meanwhile I asked around trying to get an idea how it felt. Well, it's one of those experience I guess you cannot describe. One said it was like deep scratching, one said it was like tiny needle stabs, another confessed of throwing up afterwards. Armed with this information I showed up, sat in the chair and the procedure started. It was nothing like all those things described to me before. The best I can compare the feeling with is a constant burn that is interrupted here and there when he stops. There are areas that are more sensitive than others but all in all it's tolerable. It took 3 and a half hours to complete but it was well worth it. Armed with info about wound care, like antiseptic soap washings and ointment to be applied afterwards I went home.

After that it took approximately 2-3 weeks for it to be healed and done. Some have scabbing I heard, or peeling, I did not.

Tattoos are supposed to be addictive or can be. Well, I don't know about that but I wouldn't mind getting maybe one more on my shoulder - back area. Until I know what though it is on hold.


Ah yes, in case you wondered......it's a quill made of a phoenix feather that writes a fiery line.

Bennu Bennu
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Nice choice would love to see it but I know it is personal. Welcome to the club!