16 Year Old Daughter Sneaking Boyfriend In Overnight

I have a teenage daughter. Remember when your parents said "I hope you have a daughter just like you!"? What the heck? I have one that is worse. I love my daughter, but I want to kick her out of the house some days. What am I saying...most days.

She's been sleeping in a lot lately so my husband and I decided to take her laptop away at 11:00pm. At around 2am she snuck into our (locked) room and took it back.  I must have dozed for a while but at 3am I decided to go down and take it back. What did I find? Her and her boyfriend locked in her room! At least we have a "child safe" lock on her room so that I could get in.

This is not the first time. This is more than the 30th time that I could count...or that I am aware of. This boy has been asked to leave in the middle of the night more times than I can count. He kicks her, yells at her, cheats on her, but she still "loves him" in that frustrating 16 year old way.

I'm sure they are having sex. I cant prove it, and of course she denies it, but why else would he sneak in???

She has the worst mood swings imaginable. I think she is doing drugs too. Once again, I cant prove it. Just a hunch. The nasty moods come with the boy. If he is nice, she is nice. If they argue (which they do at least once a day) she says she wants to kill herself and nobody loves her. Arggggg!


What can I do? I've grounded, taken away all "toys", yelled, pleaded, cried...help me! I need advice!


Lost In my Life

lostinmylife lostinmylife
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Apr 17, 2009