And I Never Thought I'd Get Married, Little Lone Have A Daughter.

I first met my now 15 year old step-daughter when she was 12. She has given meaning to my life I'd never known before.  It doesn't worry me in the slightest that I'm not her biological farther.  Her biological farther is in jail for murder and they've never met.  He knows he fathered a child but they've never met and likely never will.  He isn't even in a position to know if he fathered a girl or boy.  My wife (my daughter's biological mother) and I included her in our wedding ceremony where I gave her a gold chain with a diamond encrusted gold A (the first letter of her name) and pledged I'd be there to love, protect and provide for her.  This was an easy pledge to make as I love her more than life itself.  The only thing that saddens me is I never knew my daughter as a young child.  I never got to carry her on my solders or comfort her when she skinned her knee.  We never got to form the farther / daughter bond that others have.  Despite this we are still developing a bond of our own and the future looks good for us.
Dropbear Dropbear
46-50, M
Dec 28, 2012