Oh Man! Rage Against Everyone Around Me!

I swear there are times I can't stand myself. And I take it out on the people around me. I can't stand my poor mom, I feel so bad for the way I speak to her sometimes. She avoids me, it's sad but I can understand why. There's this dark cloud that comes over me whenever she is around, I automatically get in a bad mood. She notices, everyone notices.

And it's not only my mother I go off on either, it's my younger brothers too. I get road rage when I'm driving, it's like I'm always pissed off. I seriously think I need some kind of anger management or learn to love classes lol, I have a one year old and the last thing I need is a little person going off on me!! Monkey see, monkey do... I can't have that! SMH!  
VFemmefatale VFemmefatale
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

U gotta find the root cause of ur anger. It could be a matter of something u have done in the past and u r carrying resentment from it. U may just need to forgive yourself or someone