So Tender

I feel a little silly sharing this story .. but here goes anyway.

i was driving home yesterday and i was sitting at a stop light and i glanced at the large truck next to me. It was a truck of beautiful pink little piggies.  There were running around in the truck and i felt this joy. Anyone who knows me knows i collect piggies.. i have a ton of stuffed animals that are piggies , i have piggy calenders , piggy banks.. all things piggies and i love the movie Babe. ... SO when i saw it and saw these cute little baby ( and they were little piggy scampering around.. i was so excited..

that was until i saw the sign on the truck.. it was MR BACON. It was like being hit with a bucket of ice and like my heart was being broken into a million piece. Yes i know pigs are killed and yes i know it happens each and everyday.
I get that people make a living doing this and it helps supply so many people with food and jobs and i am not saying that i don't understand and support this .. so please i don't want haters coming here and yelling at me for this..i completely understand that..
BUT in that moment i looked that those little creatures and my heart felt such a hurt and such a loss for their lives and i thought WHY?? why do they mean less than i do.. why do they have to go to the slaughter with out anyone mourning them..

so yes.. make fun of my tender silly heart.. but i cried most of the night .. it was like i could feel the pain of these small creatures.

in the cold of the night they were scared and alone and no one cared that they were going to lose their life.. and it hurt me deeply... then my mind went to all the children and all the people around the world that were feeling the same... alone and scared and losing their life.. and i thought maybe just maybe i was meant to experience this moment in time so that i could fully understand what it was like for the lost and lonely around the world who would die alone..

I don't know.. but i know that each night i light a candle and pray to the Divine .. the Great Spirit .. to God .. the every soul knows that they are important and they are loved.. that someone cares about them.. whether they are human or animal.. no one or nothing is every really alone.. as long as someone cares. 

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Most people don't make the connection that meat is the flesh of a once living creature, and yes, the way most animals are raised and transported to slaughter is on its own often a form of cruelty. There's nothing wrong or shameful about connecting to the piggies the way you did.<br />
I dream of an enlightened society where most people are vegetarians, but those who aren't are somehow supportive of smaller farming operations where animals are treated with dignity and sensitivity, and lead stress-free lives before going to slaughter. Currently, that's not the case with most production facilities. I visited a friend just today who every year raises two pigs for meat to feed his family for a year. The pigs have a large pen, with shade trees and plenty of fresh water and food. They live good lives and are tended to and cared for, and it is difficult for him and the kids on the 'Day' when they are killed and sent to the butcher. But it's a good lesson for the kids to be involved with the entire process, because they gain a real sensitivity towards these animals that nearly become pets, and the sacrifice that's made so that they can eat to survive.<br />
Your prayer is SO important; I hope more people read your story and understand your sensitivity and compassion. It makes a huge difference when we honor life for the sacred gift it is. Thanks for sharing-

Vt thank you so much for sharing your story and it makes me feel so much better to know that there are people who value the lives of these beautiful animals.. HUGS to you

:'( Poor piggies!! ='''''''( Poor babies... :((((( Don't feel silly, because the world is mostly broken and we need compassionate people like you who care X'(

thank you so much ...hugs and love to you♥♥

One of those earth moving moments when a truth hits us like a brick in the head, and you wonder how you could have missed so obvious a connection.<br />
<br />
I guess we all act "out of sight out of mind" or we'd be overloaded with all that happens in the world.<br />
<br />
You are welcome to feel how you feel, but I do not see your view, nor your strong reaction as silly. It is people with imagination and empathy that we need to stop the race from knocking itself off and ruining the planet.<br />
<br />
I applaud your honesty and compassion.<br />
<br />
I also suspect you'd know the "dogs in heaven" story?<br />
<br />
*****Hugs****** to sustain you..........and to share around to those lonely or afraid in the world

thank you so much and warm hugs for you and your heart and compassion ♥♥♥

the world needs soft hearted people just as much as it needs the jaded ones. You are not silly for having those feelings. I am from the country and have raised hogs and cows for meat and i know whats going to happen to them and i still feel a little bit sadness when it is time for them to go.

thank you so much for your comment. I too grew up in the country and i understand so well what happens.. i just had a really strong reaction last night..

I told you that you were not silly but a lady with a lot of compassion and love for animals and people,and i love you for it. XXXXX

thank you my very sweet and loving friend.. i love you too...♥♥

I believe in reincarnation.Those little guys will become something beautiful and spectacular ! Its ok Sis.Its all part of the great cycle.Love and hugsxxx

thanks sis...

that sorry makes me so sad sweety i am sorry u had to see that

thank you honey.. you are so kind

It's the mass destruction of animals who is a crime, and the way they do it !

i agree.. it breaks my heart..

I love you, I am crying too.

aww honey.. i love you..

I don't think your story is silly at all. It's beautiful. So often we take things for granted, like life and being cared for. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own suffering, we forget others' suffering. Poor little piggies. If it is any consultation, my brother drives trucks and use to work on a farm. He says that pigs like going for drives, so at least they had some happiness. My mother won't eat veal, because they make the baby cows suffer before going to slaughter. I have never eaten veal either, or ever had a desire to.

i don't eat veal either honey ... and i am glad the piggies had some enjoyement.. i just seem to feel things sooo deeply