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I was a heavy drinker all my life.  Now, I am terminal.  I come from a family of heavy drinkers and my grandpa lived to be 92.  The thought of cirrhosis never entered my mind.   I recently had warning signs that something was wrong; my nose bled, bruises were all over my body and I would regurgitate almost anything, even water.  I went for as long as 2 weeks without eating because food was disgusting to me.   One Sunday night in April, I could feel a sense of something bad coming.  I knew I was going to the hospital so I took a shower, packed a bag and called my Mom for a ride.  I was only in the ER for 3 minutes, when I had a Gran Mal Tonic Clonic seizure in front of my mother and the doctor's.  My abdomen was so distended with ascites that everyone thought I was pregnant.  After some blood work, CT scans and ultrasound, a doctor told me that I had advanced cirrhosis and had a 30% chance to live for 5 more years.  That's it.  No hope for recovery.  They did a paricentesis to aspirate some fluid from my abdomen and pulled 15 kilos on the first go round.  The ascites has come back which is a sign that my liver is not functioning at all.   I lost my job just prior ro my diagnosis, and I have no health insurance.  I don't qualify for state help because I don't have any children.  I am single and would have been homeless had my brother not stepped up and moved me into his home.   I don't know how I will receive the medical care I need without insurance and don't know what to do.  I feel so hopeless. 
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I am not selling or have any product that i am hussling,.,.but my opinion/best guess is for you to consult a Naturopath doctor ( one with an AMA diploma yet practices some forms of ancient Chinese, East Indian, American Indian, herbal treatments..or simple vitamins & minerals that promote healing of our bodies..
I have changed my diet over the last few years to fit with herbal and regular vitamin and mineral supplements..
one big clue is Walmart used to sell good vitamins.. like B's C's etc.. and they have to say on the label :
Natural or it is not.. what it is is synthetic vitamins And they do not assimilate in the body like natural vitamins..
There you have my complete info package of what i Know about that subject..
Not really just I don't want to bother you any more.
But please try that if you have any way of affording the expenses of simple vitamins(must say Natural) or herbals
which are all good at WM. read up on it on line.. Dr. Browenstein, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Ruben, altmedicine etc.. do a search for sites that have vitamin and herbal info.
I am just concerned for you and it seems the Doctors have no answers for you .. seeya Okie