Party Girl Who Wishes She Could Change The Past

I was a heavy drinker all my life.  Now, I am terminal.  I come from a family of heavy drinkers and my grandpa lived to be 92.  The thought of cirrhosis never entered my mind.   I recently had warning signs that something was wrong; my nose bled, bruises were all over my body and I would regurgitate almost anything, even water.  I went for as long as 2 weeks without eating because food was disgusting to me.   One Sunday night in April, I could feel a sense of something bad coming.  I knew I was going to the hospital so I took a shower, packed a bag and called my Mom for a ride.  I was only in the ER for 3 minutes, when I had a Gran Mal Tonic Clonic seizure in front of my mother and the doctor's.  My abdomen was so distended with ascites that everyone thought I was pregnant.  After some blood work, CT scans and ultrasound, a doctor told me that I had advanced cirrhosis and had a 30% chance to live for 5 more years.  That's it.  No hope for recovery.  They did a paricentesis to aspirate some fluid from my abdomen and pulled 15 kilos on the first go round.  The ascites has come back which is a sign that my liver is not functioning at all.   I lost my job just prior ro my diagnosis, and I have no health insurance.  I don't qualify for state help because I don't have any children.  I am single and would have been homeless had my brother not stepped up and moved me into his home.   I don't know how I will receive the medical care I need without insurance and don't know what to do.  I feel so hopeless. 
11chuleta 11chuleta
46-50, F
May 9, 2012