The Healing Of The Lord

In November 2008 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal liver disease.  He was placed on medication for a year and after  three months he stopped it, as it was causing severe side effects.  Through faith and prayer the Lord would provide us with what we needed to take care of this disease. 

 We had recently moved and hadn't found a home church in our new area.  While driving home one day, my husband saw Faith Builders International Church and stopped and spoke to Bishop Pruitt.  We started attending service regularly.  The Bishop had alter calls for those in need of healing, deliverance, and other situations.  One Sunday during an alter call my husband  and I went down and the elders and Bishop prayed over him for healing.  About 6 months later my husband had routine blood work done for his disease and the doctors were confused.  The disease markers were gone.  We looked at each other and exclaimed "Praise God".  We knew that it was through the healing prayers of the Bishop and elders that Mark was healed. 


Isaiah 53:5   By His stripes we are healed.


Praise God! 

Myra Howard

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Feb 15, 2010