Suppose they did exist. I think theyd not be from here. We have all these myths and no ones tying them together. I just feel like theyd originate from another world. Like aliens perhaps. Assuming those are real for the sake of this post. Meaning. They wouldve never been human. Meaning theyre an entirely different species. We just have to separate our fear from it. Just like there were probably some real witches during the witch trials (I think theyd have been too cunning to get caught and maybe even helped accuse the innocent to survive.) I think perhaps there couldve been real vampires around the vampire accusations way back.

Okay. So here are the traits i think theyd have if they existed [Im posting this with an open mind. Im not convinced either way and dont care too much. Just want to start a conversation. ]

Hypothetical traits:
- They are fine in sunlight. They traditionally used to hunt at night and slept during the day like owls. Owls are cute.

- They were born Vampires.

- They age normally but there cells regenerate for a lot longer so they age slower and look in their mid twenties for longer. There's apparently a type jellyfish that is immortal because its cells keep regenerating. Jellyfish are cute, right?

- They dont crave blood but some have survived to be able to use it as a supplement to live. Maybe without it theyd get sick and die sooner. Blood has a loy of nutrients in it and would be a superfood if we could digest it but the lining of a Humans stomach just cant dig it. After all, we know of some animals that survive off blood or meat and blood and can digest and live off it. Like bats...and lions.

- Theyre stronger, smarter and faster (Assuming theyre an alien species) and probably also beautiful. Like fashion model beautiful. (This would help them get food by luring it in)

- They arent specifically gothic and probably are athiest or not any one religious faith (Seeing as they have such an extremely different perspective and may be beyond human values)

- Because theyre beyond human values theyd probably be unable or less willing to empathize with human emotions. Which means theyd laugh at people on the internet asking to be turned into vampires.

- I think theyd be extreme on a psychic level. Like theyd exist in both worlds and be able to see energy and spirits and things. This would probably mean theyd have vivid dreams or be able to astral travel or see all of who a person is without getting to know them (this would contribute to their lack of sympathy)

- I think although they arent sympathetic theyd feel deeply about things. Though theyd probably be introverted and keep it to themselves. I think this would mean theyd be more likely to suffer from depression or personality disorders.

- Theyd probably be of really diverse sexual orientations and perhaps gender identities (i can dream) Because they come from an independent perspective.

... Thats all i can think of. I have more im sure but thats all i can spit right now.

I dont care too much about whether you believe or not. id much rather just discuss.

Thanks people.
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We are not from outer space, and we don't like to be called vampires. We are another race which differs from human by very little... If you want to know more, write me...