New Fad

I have a theory... there have been many punk fads over the years. Piercings, dyed hair, tattoos.
This theory has been going around for a while. But I think the new punk fad maybe 60 or 70 years from now will gene splicing.

Y'know maybe gene splicing will be simple by that time and there will be splicing parlours where teens or anyone can go in and gain animal parts. Like maybe a teenage girl can get "cat ears" or some might get dog muzzles, otter tails, kangaroo ears... just replace different body parts with more animal like ones.

Maybe it would get so advanced humans can for example literally gain the appearance of a full human-sized anthropomorphic fox.
I don't know.
Just a theory.

Who knows what will happen in the future. Except for psychics, and if you are a psychic don't tell me please.
"No spoilers ;)"
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Aug 14, 2011