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An elaboration of MalkavianMinds model.
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I tossed this together in photoshop. Our models might not match up exactly so take this as a kind of really workable beta version. Despite my better judgment I will use esoteric re-presentations and occult knowledge to fill in gaps. So just try to read between my bullshit to find what your seeing here. (if you can)

Part One

a) The second dimension - Is a kind of "elemental plane" and is the foundation or floor of the physical universe. It is two dimensional or flat without "time" to elevate it into 3 dimensions. Think of anti-gravity causing marbles to float upward and then some one shuts off the anti-gravity and they all come falling down onto a flat surface, these are the elements of the periodic table without time being applied to them. They become non-existent or inert but there "pattern" or blueprint is held in the "fabric" of the second dimension.

b) The third dimension - The third dimension is cooked into being by energy from a higher dimension hitting the second dimension and drawing out the patterns of the elemental forces from there latent form into active form or being. This is where the big bang comes in and the universe as we know it is born along with all the laws of physics we perceive. The cylinder re-presents the movement of the second dimension upward into motion (as the marbles rise off the table during the application of anti-gravity) and gives the illusion of "time" but time is really just that, a kind of illusion (since all moments happen at once).

c) The fourth dimension - That dimension which is outside of time. There is no real point in elaborating here but I will inject a bit of esoteric mumbo jumbo anyway. The fourth dimension could theoretically be the "archetypal" realm or the blueprint of reality on a multidimensional level. Its like a kind of scaffolding to a building and it acts as a guide for the second dimensional forces to shift and flow into as they rise through the heat of the fifth dimensional (or higher) energy that struck the second dimension unlocking the elements and giving birth and form to the universe as it evolves over (literally over, like walking around a loaf of bread as it expands in an oven) time. Thus you have the expansion of the universe as it cooks over time.

The fourth dimension has also been called the ethereal realm and could easily comprise much of the dark matter we have recently noticed present in the universe.

Now the fifth dimensional perspective would be the one that you are taking in this picture Malkavian, because it is the only perspective that could sustain the view of time being instantaneous you see? The fifth dimensional view is "top down" so to speak.

Part Two

So theoretically, since the "pattern" or architecture of the universe is stored in the fourth dimension (which is outside of time) another burst of energy (big bang) could trigger the birth of another universe entirely (after this one has died) and that universe would follow the fourth dimension architecture and every atom and blade of grass would evolve exactly the same, like producing two exact pictures from one piece of film. The fourth dimension acting as the film.

Alternatively the universe could be looping infinitely, for example... fifth dimensional energy could enter into the universe and strike the second dimension giving rise to the elements and particles that form the universe and setting it into motion. The universe would begin to "rise" three dimensionally and evolve over the illusion of time to its "seemingly" predestined end. The evolution would be guided by the scaffolding of the archetypal plane (4D) like following a blueprint but the consciousness the evolving universe produces, in the form of waves of higher vibrational energy, give off sixth dimensional radiation. Consciousness is radiation. The energy the universe gives off could be moving back into the sixth dimension which is in turn routed down into the fifth and thus circles back to the beginning of "perceived" time in one cosmic loop. In this way the universe could be in an eternal state of never-ending existence.

One thing worth noting is the quantum changes that are possible when taking into consideration the multi-verse theory. There could be an infinite number of universes that contain every possible combination of universe manifestations. Such alternate universes would be brought about by higher dimensional changes (5D, 6D, 7D, etc) in the 4D archetypal plane. By changing the blueprint at the fourth dimension the next time the universe is birthed into being it will evolve differently or if your looking at it from the perspective of the fifth or higher dimension any change in the 4D scaffolding would instantly birth another universe into being that contains that change.

Part Three

The 5D, 6D, 7D, or higher forces would be considered to be the gravitational forces that direct universal energies such as orbital patterns and such but at such a level that every spin or rotation of every atom could be altered to make any number changes. A conscious mulit-verse learning from itself.

I know I just lost you right?

Let me totally **** in my own oatmeal now. Take those higher dimensional energies that shape the architecture of creation from the orbital patterns of stars to the most miniscule movement of your hair in the wind and personify them. And as you move upward through the higher dimensions into forces that shape and control greater aspects of reality you get a whole host of "heavenly powers" or "dominion angels" that have been classified in occult science as archangels, seraphim, cherubim, etc.

You do not have to believe in angels here, that is not the point. I am only pointing out the "tiers" of forces that could shape the multi-verses form and nothing more. I am also pointing out the fact that occult science has already, in a kind of intuitive metaphorical sense, touched on a lot of what quantum physics is just coming to understand.

Part Four

Now taking into mind that the flavor of the ocean is held within one drop of water and the whole mystery of life within the single egg of a flee, look at this occult diagram and compare it with your model above.

Below is another drawing that can be used for this model but I don't want to complicate things. As you look at the drawing below you will see a triangle in the center. Project that triangle into a pyramid and the apex becomes the "corner" of the fourth dimension where energy enters the universe from a higher dimension.

Now if your not tired of my ranting yet, look at one last model with the Star of David super-imposed over it. You will notice that the Star of David is composed of 13 dots. It has its own mythology but think of it like this, nine of those dots represent the various dimensions inside of the known or knowable universe, the 10th dot in the center is the point where energy enters the universe, and the last three dots are higher planes of existence beyond anything existential beings such as ourselves can ever comprehend. Those last three dots concern multi-versal quantum shifts and such.

And lastly here is the tetrahedral re-presentation of the mathematical name for god. Tetragrammaton. The only difference is that the two pyramids would actually be "counter-rotating" and not spinning in the same direction as shown in the picture.

So the next time you feel an angel brush against you... Think of it as a shift in quantum probability. You just gave birth to a new universe through the ability of your consciousness to perceive and shift higher dimensional energies.

DISCLAIMER: I know jack **** about physics so don't give me grief about this! This is just for fun.


I believe M-Theory has reached an 11 dimension model of reality. So lets go with that. Imagine a beam of energy (beams are easier to imagine than viewing the universe as "unfolding" which is actually more accurate but whatever) shooting down from the 11th dimension. I mean a HUGE beam of energy! Whaling through the dimensions on its way down to where we are now. It forms in the 11th dimension then passes through the 10th and BOOM! It hits the 9th dimension, which is the first dimension of our local universe. Then BOOM it unfolds again into the 8th dimension, BOOM 7th, 6th, 5th, its coming in hot now, it screams through the 4th dimension and past the third and second and WHAM it hits the first dimension like a meteor hitting the earths atmosphere! But just like the meteor hitting the atmosphere and breaking apart rather than smashing the earth the beam doesn't "penetrate" the first dimension but EXPLODES heating up the second dimension and giving birth to the laws of physics. The clock of time begins. Do keep in mind that even though it "seems" like this might happen in stages the amount of time between dimensions unfolding would be so ridiculously short its hardly worth mentioning. Until much later in the process time as we know is nonexistent and even then is a "stubbornly persistent illusion" and nothing more.

The above explanation is a dramatization mind you. I would think that once energy enters the 9th dimension it would unfold more like a folding bed being released. It snaps out all at once. So in other words the energy originates in the 11th dimension, enters through the 10th and once it hits the 9th it BANGS and shazam you have the universe. The universe sits inside a kind of event horizon. The higher dimensional "beam" burns a hole in the void as it "pulses" creating a short reprieve in the nothingness that we have mistakenly called eternity. Then once energy is in the manifested universe it begins to settle, like dirt clouding up a glass of water, into its various forms and according to higher dimensional influences and the laws of physics.

Each dimension is held within the next higher dimension like shown below in the model of the Platonic Solids. There are more than 5 or 6 dimensions however, so this model is a bit simplified but you can get the idea.

Now this is where I have reached the threshold of reason. But lets go a step further into madness, shall we? Imagine God as a kind of multidimensional machine of consciousness that is learning about himself (personification? check) as he goes along. Some myths tell that in the beginning God said "this am I" but other myths (I think Hindu) speak of God's first words being "who am I" and I thought that's a kind of curious thing for God to think right? Lets look at another analogy parallel to the one above. Think of a ***** moving through the void between two bodies to reach an egg and create life. The beam of energy could be considered or seen to be a kind of cosmic ****** shooting its way toward the first dimension where it will give birth to the universe. Being a multidimensional machine of consciousness God's purpose would be to evolve his consciousness further, which would be to give birth to more dimensions. Right now he has 11 but each multidimensional "burst" recalibrates his frequency in an attempt to "penetrate" into the lowest dimension. The lowest dimension is at the center of himself like the center ring of a tree. The way out is in you see? So God is moving ever deeper into his own nature with each cosmic burst and when the calibration is finished and the frequency and force of his pulse properly attuned, the energy penetrates the lowest dimension and gives birth to a new one. I can almost hear him saying "this am I" when his consciousness penetrates the newly birthed dimension. The 11 dimensions would become 12 but the 12th dimension is not added onto the end but rather the newly born dimension (which was there all along) pushes the other dimensions outward and shifts God's center in toward a greater realization of who he is. So in a way God is like a big tree always growing outward by moving deeper into himself. But I know, the idea of God still tuning himself and learning and not knowing who he is makes my head hurt. The idea of a multi-verse that is still evolving is a bit of a stretch to. Like I said this is madness and just for fun. (wink)

Below is a picture of Yggdrasil, the tree of life.

So in other words perhaps we don't know who God is because he doesn't know himself. Maybe like us, God is "just trying to make his way home,
like a holy rolling stone" as the song says.

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It's not crazy, and I consider it to make a lot of sense.
Though, you must be wary that there are more dimensions than so.

I enjoyed that too. Except I'll have to read this about five times before I'm anywhere near you on this one. You'd actually lost me just before you said "I've lost you right?". But then some of it starting coming back when you spoke about the beams. Then you lost me at the end again. But I'll read it again some time. I'm almost mad enough to see the sense here, seriously

It is insanity, its just for fun. I am glad you found it interesting, my stories are aimed more at expanding what might be possible rather than adding any knowledge to the pot. lol

Too much to think about too suddenly. How much do you know about this M-theory stuff? I might need to ask someone a bit about that in laymans terms. I've got some basic ideas of my own on strings and things, though I don't understand anything about them. I'm thinking on how these strings build things, or as you put it, "how the third dimension is cooked into being". It definitely starts with, "In the beginning was a single 'loose or open ended' string". It's all about the knots of energy in the string that we call matter. How and why energy has mass when it loops itself into a closed system (or a 'closed end' or looped string) like an atom or subatomic particle. From there I'll bounce back to the first and second dimension. The original string lies in the murky waters of the first dimension I think.

Just for fun, this is where what I'm going to base my madness on. And Obviously it's just for fun, why else would I bother?

I watched a season of "The Universe" on netflix. Thats about my limit on understanding physics. A lot of what quantum physicists talk about just seems like common sense to me. But I like hearing them talk, its like religion in a way. (smiles)

No, nobody really understands quantum physics, that's why it's fun. You can make up your own stuff and nobody can really prove you wrong at this point. Anyway, there's definitely a place where quatum physics will begin to mix with the 'science of consciousness', if there's such a thing. When that happens you're going to love quantum physics.
Anyway, your story got me started thinking again about my very first question on EP, which was that one about rotation. lol

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