I Have A Theory About Depression

Actually, I have lots of theories, but this one is about depression.

First, let me say that I believe there are many kinds of depression, and many causes.  It's like fever.  It's a miserable symptom that can have varying degrees, but there isn't one cause or one cure.

Depression and low appetite often go hand in hand.  Someone dies tragically.   The bereaved doesn't want to eat much.  They may lose weight for months.   They are depressed.   Does depression cause loss of appetite?  Does weight loss cause depression?  Why?

The theory goes like this: 

When something terrible happens, we may want to just keep going on as usual...almost like nothing happened.  But we have to heal.  We have to slow down.  We have to think about things, mourn, cry, deal with it however we deal with things. ( I don't mean we have to do this non-stop...people have to take time off from grieving too.)  If we keep the same pace with our lives as before, then we won't take that necessary time to heal or deal with it.  So our body makes us.  Food is energy.   Clamp down on the energy supply and you can't go on as usual.  You don't feel right ... and you shouldn't feel right -- I mean, something terrible just happened.   So you aren't eating much, so you don't really have enough carb energy for a great work-out, and you don't get that happy endorphin release, and you don't wash your hair much, so you don't want to go to out much, maybe just talk to close friends at home...


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36-40, F
Feb 15, 2010