Fusion Drive

I woke up yesterday and Bam it hit me. i had the most spectacular idea ever. how about using the sun to power the earth. so i swiched on the computa and wrote this document. 

Fusion drive

The fusion drive will be a component that could power any thing. It would consist of a star two black holes and a 20000000000000ml long by 20000m wide piece of titanium. The titanium would be covered in liquid helium and then inserted into the star. After that you run an electrical current of 5000giga watts and connect the titanium to every electrical powered thing on earth

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

please be more specific. how did you come up with that?<br />
sorry but i see no logic in it.

ofcourse this is my idea.
it may seem logic to others

You gonna DRINK the stars' milkshake! YOU DRINK IT UP!!!!