Possums are lovely, for the most part. A bit of a PROBLEM when they decide to move in, but it's hardly their fault that humans make their nests with what looks like an upstairs appartment reserved for possums. Plus, you got to give anything with a built-in pocket a bit of cred. Seriously, if humans had built in pockets, there would be a lot less people wondering where the heck they put their keys ;)
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I live very close to the CBD but am fortunate to still have these beautiful creatures nearby. I love to watch them running along the powerlines and jumping across to buildings and trees. I get a little nervous watching them do this across the highway and hold my breath 'til I see them safely reach the other side. It's a bit disconcerting to see a little face peering through the kitchen window and I do wish when they climb into my roof to sleep, when I'm trying to catch my last few winks, that they would take those big hobnail boots off first!

If it wasn't for the Aussie possum, New Zealand would have more native trees...but very little hope of an interesting evolutionary future. I mean, birds are cool, but thanks to the Aussies giving us possums and Wallabies we finally have some decent mammals here. They sound kind of scary when you wander under a tree with one, but you can’t deny how cute they are, and without any competing primates here…we might get possum monkeys in a few million years.<br />
I had a friend who made a killing off skinned possums, riding around all night with the spot-light in the trees…good living, little messy though.

The five possums that came to try and make peace with you are now twitching their ratty tails and thinking what a tiny, but alcohol flavoured morsel you are... perfect as a liquer snack!