A Drum Key On Your Keychain Makes Me Wet

I wasn't surprised to see that there is a group called I Have a Thing for Drummers. I've had a thing for drummers since I was in high school. I lost my virginity to a snare drummer in my high school band when I was 17, and he and I continued to get together for some pretty mindblowing sex for the next six years. My best friend (a guy who I eventually also ****** in college) played tri-toms in our high school band as well.

My junior year in college, one of my housemates was a drummer in a couple of bands that played in the bars at our university. Anytime his serious girlfriend would go home for a holiday (she was from out of state), I would manage to wake up in this man's bed. We both loved music, and he would purposely toss a drumstick to me at the end of his gig anytime I went to one of his shows. Two other people lived in the house with us, and no one ever suspected or found out that we were secret lovers. I didn't want to be this guy's actual "girlfriend," I knew he was cheater who was a pretty ****** boyfriend. I also knew, however, that this man was an intense, fabulous drummer who ****** just as intensely as he played the drums.

Before I got married almost twenty years ago, if I saw a drum key on a guy's keychain while I was out at a bar, nine times out of ten, I would end up hitting on and going home with him. It's been my experience that drummers are usually very good in bed. They like to perform, they have rhythm, and they usually share my love of music. To this day, if I notice that a man carries a drum key, I immediately start fantasizing about making love to him.

Sadly, I did not marry a drummer. My old housemate - the one with whom I had the secret affair - ended up moving to the same city I did after college. He still performs with a number of bands, and he's a licensed massage therapist for his day job. I can't tell you how tempted I've been to make an appointment and get a massage from him in the hopes that it would turn into more than just a massage. Even though it's been over twenty years since we were last together, I don't think I could feel this man touching my body without getting aroused. Knowing him, I'm sure he could be easily swayed to give me a "full service" massage. The idea of him ******* my brains out in his massage studio, and then giving him a big, fat tip at the end of my massage session also really turns me on.

Okay, I've digressed a little. Let's just suffice it to say that I have a thing for drummers. I was quite the semi-groupie **** for them in my younger days, and I still fantasize about a particular one that I'm still in contact with. Maybe I need to write an erotic fantasy story about an encounter with this drummer/massage guy! I'm getting wet just imagining his well-oiled hands expertly rubbing my naked body.
Sclarie Sclarie
41-45, F
Dec 1, 2012