...and I Pay Close Attention To Them

I kissed Tina Bean on the hand once when she was with D'KooKoo,but was too shy and too blown away after seeing her with Haunted by Waters to say much to her backstage (years ago)-but we jammed together with Arthur Hull a few times and that was sure memorable...I had a major crush on that chick from Sharkbait and she invited me onstage to hit her big bass drum and oil barrels-I gave her a nice moonstone...I wonder ...finally found another Pele Juju CD recently- we were pals for awhile but I was always too drunk at their shows to make a very favorable impression.

Girl drummers rock my world,I wish more of them would do it to it! I really hit it off with Anna from the Slits-but she is happily engaged,naturally.

Mickey Hart can be quite rude in person,but he's still a hero in my book(he WROTE the book...)and I've been fortunate enough to meet other greats as well- like Zigaboo Modeliste,Sly Dunbar and Style Scott!

Someday I hope to hear Keith Leblanc and/or Martin Atkins play live,they are incredibly fast and precise...oh,and I got to spend some time with Will Calhoun last summer-what a gentelman,we had plenty to talk about,I even gave him a CD with some of my originals!

the beat goes on,just ask Hal Blaine.

I know Benny Barth too(but not very well)-he played on the original Charlie Brown Peanuts soundtracks with Vince Guiraldi.

always on the lookout for kids who can caress the skins,from Zakir Hussein to Babatunde Olatunji~rythm makes the world go 'round.

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Rush : Mystic Rythms

oh,I write about rythm and they go right to sex!my word.<br />
but of course there is truth to that,we are created in rythmafter all-few greater natural highs than being immersed in music or in the arms(n'body)of a lover...drumming is about timekeeping so that we may get to timelessness,much like sex,I think.

Right on, I like to call it the rhythm test! Lol, love ya babes!

lol yes i second that bubblegum!.. you know he'll have good rythm in bed too!..:P

you rock,Bubblegum-never forget it!

A man that has good rhythm is always good, lol!

hmmmm... you have a thing for drummer girls huh..but i have a thing for musicians,drummers..doesnt matter what you do in a band...lol does it count if i LIKE the drums? pretty good at rythm

I was also college roomates with one of the best and most sucessful drummers in the world-but that's a whole 'nother set of stories-maybe someday...