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i really get turned on by girls with pretty cared for feet...regular pedicures and lotion are a must...pretty ,soft feet are a must :)
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I agree!

will....not.....date a woman that does not pamper her feet. If she cant take the time with her feet I dont even wanna go near any more private parts of her.

Well Christmas came and went, Who unwrapped feet? ;-]

Yes I definitely have a thing for females that have cute, pretty feet, that take care of their feet AND they are graceful in the way they walk, sit etc. Cute feet are a requirement. And giving foot massages is like Christmas.

There was this girl one day sitting next to me, she must have been about 17, about 5ft 8 tall, the cutest face ever and brown hair done up in a ponytail. Lovely thin legs in black tights and guess what? Pretty feet! Slim, narrow, longish feet. White slip on shoes and she kept playing around with them.... she had her legs crossed and was dangling her shoe from her foot and it dropped off on the floor! Up to then I'd been trying not to look too much but then I couldn't stop looking... she had to bend down to pick up her shoe of course