I don't know when it was I got hooked on Irish accents, all I know is when I hear one - I'm instantly hooked. It's the most beautiful sound you will ever hear and that rolling Irish lilt will leave you dazed and confused. It could easily make you lose your wedding ring in a hurry. I can pick up the accent pretty quick and I am just as quick to compliment the person for having some of the best breeding you could ever hope for. What is it about the Irish? What ISN'T it about the Irish? A people who have been through so much but who have more than perservered and outright triumphed where others would have failed. Wherever they go, they leave a mark that can never be erased or forgotten. In the words of a popular cigarette brand: Irish: 'wherever particular people congregate.' My dream is to come true this year for I am going to Ireland for a week or maybe two if I get lucky and I cannot wait for this pilgrimage.

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6 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Yeah, I'm Irish. Pretty used to the accent.

What is with the obsession with the irish accent?! lol! I'm irish and I really don't understand the big deal... Prob because I hear it everyday but oh well! What can ya do? Whatever floats your boat!! lol

So, did you go? I want to go sooo bad. I love the Irish accent too. Of course it is my heritage so I'm always tracing the line back ... finally made it all the way back to Nail of the Nine Hostages. Anyway, if you made it to Ireland you'll have to tell me what all you did so I can plan my trip better! :)

Haha thats mad! I'm Irish prob the only one on EP but if ye heard me speak ye'd be mad bout me. Thats so sweet!

i love irish accents. i had one till i grew out of it. i dream to travel to ireland,or scotland lands of my heritage.

Ahh finally someone like me! Irish accents are by far my favourite. Of course all accents are sexy whether Australian, English,Scottish, or Southern drawl..I like them all. But the Irish accent..something about it makes me NUTS! I could never go to Ireland. I would most likely be arrested for lewd behaviour with all the hot Irish boys and girls..hahaha.