Always Have

when i first started taking an interest in guys, they weren't my same age. they were maybe a year or two older, but i never had a thing for guy my age. recently, i have had a thing for guys a little bit more than a few years older than me too. there is just an attraction to the maturity level of an older man compared to almost every guy my age that i know. I'm not talking older like 30 years older than me, but i just enjoy a man whose maturity level and priorities are above the average 18 year old guy. i have never dated a guy my same age and i don't think i ever will. there just something about needing the stability of an older, more experienced, more mature guy.

there is also something very sexy about the more life experience. i don't necessarily mean sexually...just more knowledge in general. i crave intelligent conversation and trying new things, something older men seem more able to offer.

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Feb 17, 2009