I see so many people on here that are lonely, depressed, angry, grieving, etc. EP is a good place to talk it out and hopefully find answers. I myself am slowly dying inside everyday and I have no thoughts behind it that need to be talked out. It's hard to explain so I won't go there but, a majority of the time I am not angry, depressed or lonely. I am the one who is gifted at helping others but I cannot help myself. I am glad that I see so many people working together as a group (not the "I hate people" group) :)  searching and possibly finding their answers in a relaxing enviroment. I will tell you right now that you won't hear/read anything different from a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist that you won't hear/read on here, as far as advice goes. And EP is free! :)

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Try afternoon sex. Really helps.

Sex is not the answer to all problems,in fact more often than not it causes them!

Why are you dying inside every day? is it because often you find yourself helpless in your endeavour to give support where you feel it is badly needed? some people will not help themselves they expect other to solve their problems for them,they have no insight in what cause their problems and no amount of support will change that.You look at the world and wonder,where are we going? what can we do? It is hard for those who CARE.

Good question. I grew up with two parents who where so narcissistic that they couldn't love anyone genuinely. I grew up not knowing what love felt like. I could give it but not feel it. Now I work with people with special needs who are always happy and full of love and by me giving my love I help balance their happiness. Living a life without love or purpose is what makes people die inside. I was living a life of purpose but there was no love there.

I too was brought up by a narcissic mother and a father who had a low self esteem and could only feel better about himself when he discredited someone else,preferably someone vulnerable who could not fight back and I was IT! I also had a "brother" and a"sister" much older than me who were both terrible bullies.But thanks goodness I was not like them and never fitted in that "family".I left as soon as I could with a low self esteem but managed to make a decent life for myself in spite of it all and try to help who I can.

That good. I too am a nurturer. I understand your struggles.

Good story and I feel the same at times as this place helps me when feeling a bit down and I just want to help someone or just chat.


Thank you! I hold back at times out of respect for others perceptions. I am so full of knowledge and wisdom and not only do I share it in writeing but I actually practice what I preach, so to speak 80% of the time. The other 20% is just me being mischievious and having fun. The sad stories hit to close to home for me and they disturb me on a different level, but I take it like a challenge and I follow through with my ob<x>jective.

Yeah there are some really sad stories. Its definitely good to have people like you that take the time and effort to send words of inspiration and encouragement.

Yea....the sad thing is that my only weakness in life period, is reading some of these story. It's not healthy for me at all, but I pride myself on helping others so it's worth the fall for me. :)

That's what is great about EP! There were times when I felt lonely and depressed, and it was because of the friends I've made here I was able to get through "the storm" and even learn a thing or two.