I am on the mailing list for a fetish group here in NJ. I pretty much only get their email bulletins, and I comment once in awhile.

Last month I was reading a message from them and there was a short survey at the end asking about our preferences, etc and what other sorts of events we would like to see the group offer. Rather casually I mentioned that the group should hold a tickle party as well as their usual (??) roster of spanking parties, slave auctions, bondage demonstrations, etc. A message shot back almost immediately from the group's leader asking what a tickle party would actually look like. After a week or so of thinking about it, I wrote back describing what it was about tickling I found erotic and how a tickling party might work.

Her response cam almost immediately! She said that the description turned her on, noting that that was not easy (poor thing), and that the group's Octover (2010) meeting was going to be a TICKLE PARTY!!


Now what?

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You GOT it.

Want to read the story of what happened to you there?

Take me take me take me!!!