A Woman Tickling Another Woman.

I've had a tickling fetish as long as I can remember. As a child I love to see tickling in cartoons, movies, and TV. I was often tickled as a child and loved the feeling it gave me. When I was about 14 years old, my mom took my sister and I to a wrestling match at a local veteran's hall. These were not famous wrestlers, they might be considered lower tier types that traveled, appearing in small towns and small venues. There were of course several male matches but the bill also had two women's matches scheduled. Most of the girls were young, probably early to mid-twenties but the second match had a young woman wrestling an older woman who was closer to my mom's age of 35-40. As the two began to wrestle, it appeared that the younger woman was stronger and she seemed the likely winner. At one point, she had the older woman in a headlock. I saw the older lady reach around the other side of her opponent and start tickling her ribs. The young wrestler let out a squeal and quickly released the headlock. I remember feeling a bit tingly having seen the tactic used. As the two faced off, the younger woman glared at the older wrestler who was smiling deviously. As they started to wrestle again, the younger one seemed to be getting the best of the older brunette who was clearly not as strong. For a second time, the older woman broke a hold by getting her fingers into the other girl's armpit and tickling her. This time the young redhead complained to the referee that she was being tickled. The ref did nothing except tell them to resume. The younger wrestler was clearly agitated by her opponent's trick and came at her again. This time, the older brunette managed to get the young redhead in an abdominal stretch with her torso exposed. It seemed that the older woman was going to use her free hand to give her opponent a belly claw but instead dug her fingers into her stomach and started tickling. The younger woman laughed hysterically as she was tickled for about 5 seconds. The older wrestler then brought her to the mat and pinned her. The blond protested but the ref signaled the brunette as the winner. I could feel myself flushing and was a bit embarrassed to find the scene so exciting. Later that night I lay in bed thinking about what I had seen. As my mind replayed it over and over I knew I wanted to see more scenes like this.
Several years later I witnessed another situation of a woman using tickling during an arm wrestling match. I was at a friend's house after school and her mother and aunt were planning a meal. The mother told her sister-in-law that she didn't have everything she needed and that one of them would have to go to the store. Neither wanted to go but after a few moments of back and forth discussion, the aunt said "I'll arm wrestle you and the loser goes to the store." The mother laughed and said okay. They were sitting at the table and each placed an elbow on the table and took the other's hand. As the aunt counted 1,2,3 they began. At first they seemed evenly matched with neither able to make any real gain. After a this went on for about a minute, the aunt reached over with her free hand and started to tickle my friend's mom under the arm. She gasped and began to laugh while the aunt smiled started to force her hand toward the table. The mom tried to hold her position but the tickling weakened her. The aunt continued to tickle and was able to slowly get the other woman's hand down on the table.  The mom laughed for a few moments more before saying "that's not fair and you know it."  The aunt grinned and said "I thought you might still have that tickly spot under your arm."  Both the women seemed to enjoy what had happened and the mom went to run the errand.  I was spellbound by the scene and later that night I thought of what I had witnessed as I pleasured myself. To this day, the sight of one woman tickling another arouses me more than anything. If anyone else has similar stories to share I would love to hear them!
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Great story, I love female on female tickling too.

I really enjoyed your account of the womens wrestling match and how that coupled with tickling is what excited you. Also your realization that this is likely when your interest began. Thank you for sharing this story and how you feel. Wrestle and tickle on!!!