I Confess I Have A Tights Fetish!

Hi all, I confess I am a straight single male and finally  i have to admit I do have a tights fetish. Wondering why i have this passion! well there are many reasons I came up with! besides the fact i'm a hosiery designer/consultant I figured that has a lot to do with it? However i still question myself if that is why I have these desires! My add for starters, I always wondered how far my passion for tights go, I know I love them on women and I also like wearing them for comfort and looking good in them! I have met women that have this passion with me wearing tights and her( to be dressed up together), but i'm started to get obsessed with this? It seems that sexually we both have a great experience dressing in tights and it seems that sexual penetration does not come in to play ? Go figure. I realize that maybe I should just go with it ? Well this is a start of my dilemma so i thought I would send it in to all!  Thank you Kyle

kyle1313 kyle1313
36-40, M
Feb 26, 2010