Diaper Chastity

Even when we were first married I was so incredibly nervous about my sexual performance that in addition to having tiny "equipment" I also had trouble getting an erection in bed with my Wife. I had no trouble when I *********** though and did...a lot! That made my performance even more miserable! To make matters worse, I got caught ************ several times which made my Wife furious. I tried to control myself but couldn't, so She ended up putting me in diapers and taping them on tightly...I can't reach in far enough to play with myself without tearing or stretching the plastic and She'd be able to tell. Of course I'm very wet by the time She gets home from work to change me. As for Her, She dates a lot (with my encouragement and support) and has an active sex life.
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1 Response Mar 7, 2012

have her put u into a chastity belt before she diaper you. best feeling ever knowing that you can't ********** and still be in diaper. some days i wear a diaper for work because there is no toilet around and when i need to pee i need to pee, i go through 6 pull ups a day while i am at the location. i am there 3 to 4 times a week. just love it wearing it and for changing i have to do it in my truck.