Small Penis Sex

I have always loved dominant women, and sucking toes and ***** are two of my favourite pastimes, whenever I get the opportunity, which is not as often as I would like.
My favourite memory was of being in Paris with a work colleague, she lived and worked there, I was visiting for a meeting. We arranged to meet at my hotel, then went for a drink followed by a meal. We had never done anything more than flirt before, so nothing was pre-arranged, I was hoping for something more, but didn't know if she was. Half-way through the meal I lent over to ask her something and she kissed me, not tongues, but enough to make me know my night was going to be a very good one. We had a chat about what we should do next, and decided that my hotel was a good idea. As we walked back, very romantically arm in arm through Paris, I asked her what she enjoyed most during sex, she told me she loved having her ***** eaten, which for me was fabulous news, as I only have a very small ****, so I can only make a woman climax with my tongue. We also chatted about other thing’s en-route, such as her natural hair colour, which I started to guess, anyway I said I would soon find out when we got to the hotel, she said perhaps not, which slightly deflated me as I was sure we were going to have a very interesting night.
When we arrived at my hotel we went straight to my room and started to virtually attack each other as soon as we got in the room, it was only after I had ******** her that I realised what she meant, her ***** was completely bald, not a hair in sight, so she was correct I still didn’t know her natural colour. When she pulled my clothes off I don’t think she wasn’t very impressed, my **** although swollen and throbbing still couldn’t stretch to more than three inches, she looked at it and said “is that it”, I replied that she said her favourite thing to have done to her during sex was having her ***** eaten, I told her that for obvious tiny penis reason’s that was mine’s to, so she should lie back and enjoy it, which she did for the next hour or so, afterwards she told me that she had never been eaten like that in her life, I think she came about three times. She then went down on me and actually thought it was quite funny that she could fit both my penis and ball’s into her mouth quite easily; one thing I should say about people who like to receive oral they also like to give oral, I thought she was going to suck all my tackle off, what a way to go!!!, I had the most fantastic climax when I came in her mouth. We then made love, which I admit that due to my small size I’m not very good at, my penis keep’s slipping out when I have penetrative sex, so quite frustrating for us both, so I can’t actually make a woman *** with my penis, although eventually I did myself, mostly over her, but she didn’t mind that.
Afterwards I started to suck her toes and lick her feet, she was in ecstasy and I was more than happy to fulfil her desires. She then decided to play a game with me and made me put my penis beside her big toe to see which was the biggest, my penis actually won by a very short head lol.
We both had a fantastic night, she said she didn’t know that you could have as much fun, and still enjoy the sex with someone with so small a penis.
When I returned back to my office in the UK my biggest fear was that she would somehow let my work colleagues know about my tiny penis, this I would have found very embarrassing as most of my colleagues including my boss are women. Sure enough on my return my boss called me into her office, and with a big smile on her face she said I believe you had a very good night out in Paris, my face went several shades of red and I almost fell through the floor, but she said "never mind, it will be just our little secret" putting a huge emphasise on the little. True to her word she has never told any of my colleagues, but now when she want's me in her office she just knock's on the window, hold's up her little finger and summon's me by wiggling it, she said as long as I get there quickly enough no one else needs to know, but I'm sure my colleagues wonder why I beat all land-speed records into her office when she wiggles her little finger.

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Awesome story, I hung on every word and hope to hear more