I have three wisdom teeth I have to have cut out. They are killing me. And the surgeon has to dislocate my jaw to do it. I was going to try and wait till after the holidays....but I cant.

it reawwy reawwwy hurts man.....
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The dentist wants to pull out all 4 of mine and they dont even bother me. I said **** that.

They give you pain meds.. the weeks following my wisdom teeth getting yanked when I was 16 was some of the best days of my life.

Toothaches suck punk1n...ce domage mademoiselle

My adorable little angel...if only I had the power of a god and absolve all your hurt...but I am a mere poet...and warrior!

Well my luv, if I can help you in any know I would. Let me know :-)

D: oh no

*hugs you tight*

:( ::hugz n squeezes supah tight:: my friend would use Dr. Tichenor's Mouthwash for the pain. Try it maybe? .. Check out the top review.