My Troubled 16 Year Old

I have a 16 yr old and she stuggles everyday with Bipolar disorder type 2 (agression depression) and anger control problems and anxiety. She has been in an out of recpit,detention,hospitals and is now residing in a group home called 'The Glovehouse' she has been there for 5 months now. The last year of my life as her mom has consisted of - court rooms,cops,lawyers,case workers,and probation.

Now don't get me wrong my Kasie is a good kid she really is! She just has mental issues that run her life most of the time and I know what she's going through because I also have Bipolar but I have type 1 (depression). When Kasie is having a 'good day' she is very cool and fun to be around, she has a great sense of humor and is game for just about anything. She is very easy to talk to and also a good listener too. I love her with all my heart and wish I could just snap my fingers and make her all better so her life would ne normal and much easier to live. She's suppose to be gone for a year but I am going to try and appeal her case soon, I feel she has come a long ways and is now ready to come home. I miss her so much and need her home now, she's missing so much of her life here at home.

Please pray for my daughter!

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Mental institutions are not really the answer. In fact they can often make things worse. A comment above, mentioned the girl thought it was 'punishment' to have been put in a place for help. That is a 'cry for help' from her. <br />
I knew a girl placed in a mental institution for depression. We visited her and they had her drugged up from the moment she entered the doors with Valium,through giving her a drink of water when she got there. They then keep drugging them up through hiding pills into the meals. The young teenagers, as patients were wondering around the visiting room, and clearly they looked 'different' and spaced out somewhat. One girl had been there over a yr. Then she got released at the time the girl we knew got released. The moment she got got out, she jumped in front of a car and committed suicide. How can anyone feel happy and joyful and 'mentally well' in a place surrounded by other depressed people?The bathroom walls in the mental hospital had cries of help, written all over the walls. 'get me out of here' 'they made me come here, help' etc. If you hang around happy people, you become happy. If you hang around depressed people you will become even more depressed.<br />
FOOD has 'everything' to do with moods and depression.There is a 'direct link' between foods and mental health issues. There are so many poisons and toxins literally being put into our foods and water and alcohol beverages, its no wonder peoples are having problems. A hangover from drinking is caused literally because of the chemicals in the alcohol. It poisons the blood straight away. all these toxins have a direct impact on our health and mental health. In Peru and ancient cities of the lost who don't eat the western diet, they never ever have these problems. They eat healthy organic foods with lots of fresh raw foods. No chemicals in anything or preservatives. They don't get sick, they never have any mental health issues. Their youths are well and happy. If they brake a bone, it heals quickly because the body is full of enzymes and nutritional to help the body heal fast. When you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind. When you have a sick body full of toxins, you have depression and mental health issues. It has been proven that when people detox from heavy metals, vaccines etc, the depression lifts, and they become well in body and mind. ADD and disorders like that are directly linked to toxins in the body. Make your research. Clean up your blood and you'll clean up your body and mind. I found a fantastic book on this at My daughter has really bad depression and tried suicide. She was depressed for a yr. When I found out about the link between food and depression, I put her on a heavy metal detox and she not only started to get her periods after 4 yrs of no periods, her mind became well as well. All the depression went. You would not know she was the same girl today. Read the book, get the help you need, and save your loved one from drugs in mental institutions as they are not the answer.I highly recommend this book as it changed my daughter. Love, caring, counselling in a safe and trusted environmental, and good wholesome organic food, free from chemicals and hormones will make such a difference, you will wonder why you were never told before. Good luck

I also have been going through hell with my Son. I left his father when he was 4 because he was bipolar. Then found out my so has it! I live in Alabama and at the age of 16 do you know as a parent I have no rights. He has to want to go to hospital I can't make him. I can't do anything. I came home from work yesterday to find he has been cutting on his writs and arms. Call police again nothing they can do because of his age. So how can I get to help my son or do I have to come home to find him dead!!! Lost in Al

I have a 16 year old step-daughter who has bipolar dissorder,she is violent,has been arrested for several offenses, she has tried to kill herself once and the hospital refused to have her admitted to the pavillion a second time, she has beaten up on her grandmother,myself and her father,and has threatened to kill her 3 year old baby sister.we've tried to have her placed in a group home so she can get the help she needs but they refuse to help us get her placed. does anyone have any advice as to what steps you took to get you child placed? we desperately need help.

Hi Proud mama, <br />
Seems like your going through alot. <br />
Look at her diet see what shes eating... most often the foods we consume has a lot of chemicals that throw our equillibrium off. Have her work out, share some interest, get her healthy not just mentally but physically as well. <br />
Hope this helps.

One key role of a parent to his/her child is care, love and understanding. I've been also experiencing these things, sometimes when I go to bed I just cried for days and feeling hopeless on my son's condition. But a friend of mine told me that there are residential treatment programs and red all about residential treatment: that can help my son. I've tried it and now I'm living with my son with a smiling face.

My son has depression problems too and its been hell living with him the last three years. I cant wait until he is on his own even though I think hell end up homeless and crazy someday if he hasnt committed suicide by then.

I just don't understand why courts today don't help people with mental and emotional disabilites more than they do. Sending them to prison is not helping them. Getting them to a proper care center, with real treatment plans and medical care. This is what they need so desperately. And it's not only for them, but to protect them from doing more harm to themselves or others. So sad...I will pray for your daughters and for you.

My 14 yr old niece has similar problems. I know she was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I think she is probably bipolar. My sister is also bipolar. My niece is like your daughter, she is a good kid but mental issues are controlling her too. When she is having her good moments, she is cool and fun to be around, great sense of humor, great listener, all the things that you said.She is an only child and her dad and my sister have never been civil to one another since my niece was conceived. Her dad is only there for her when he wants to be and frankly my sister has at times been neglectful so my niece usually spent time at my mom's.She gets in trouble by not listening or doing her school work (she's intelligent and can do the work but chooses not to). She also takes off and goes to get with these guys that she meets and we can't get her to understand that they don't care about her, they just want to use her. She has contracted diseases and gotten pregnant and had an abortion.I'm afraid that she may wind up in prison or worse.I definitely sympathize with you and will pray for your daughter.

My 16 year old daughter has the same mental issues. She has also been in and out of court, detention centers, and is currently in a residential group home 1 and 1/2 hours away. No matter what I say to her, she just looks at this as a punishment rather than something that is there to help her. I love her very much, miss her and wish her to be home everyday. I am at a loss.