Troubled Mother In Law

My mother in law Barbara loves attention and does anything possible to achieve it. My fiance and I have been together for over five years. We moved to his parents home town so he could help his father run a business, and thats when **** hit the fan for me. Barbara has nothing positive to say about anybody. Example our 1st confrontation... before we moved we were visiting his parents Barbara and I had a conversation about the move and I told her that I would havd a hard time adjusting to it ( city girl moving to a very small town) and Barbara told my fiance that I would leave him if he were to move, the whole family were sitting at the table as my fiance confronted me and I told him that I didn't say that Barbara sat up and called me a liar and ran off crying. I was so embarassed. Tells her family that I'am a trouble maker and thats far from the truth. She is my fiance's step mother (she raised him) She has made comments about our daughter (her only grandchild) to other family when my fiance and his father were out. She said it's not the same not having a biological grand daughter over Thanksgiving. Later when confronted it's either she never said it or I'm taking things the wrong way. On top of that she calls me daily acting like she wants to be close? I don't get it. It is so stressful.

achiro02 achiro02
26-30, F
Mar 28, 2009