How True Love Should Be.

I have a true love.He tells me i'm the most beautiful girl in the world (even though i know i'm not). He makes me feel like im no competition to a model.He tells me he loves me everyday :) He keeps our promises. When we went to a basketball game. He asked me if he could talk to me alone. We went outside and he said he loved me and kissed me. Then started to hold my hand.When he misses me he cries. Not many guys cry over girls..He is just the sweetest thing. Then he's really funny. Makes me smile :) If only most guys were like him. Then there wouldnt be any heart breaks in this world.
missluckygirl missluckygirl
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

This is awesome. You guys have somethin special & I truly hope you guys last. How long ya'll been together?....if you can make it a can make it a lifetime :-)

We have been together 8 months this month :)