I Can't Even Trust My Closest Friend

Who happens to also be my roommate. She has no problem telling me things. And things I've told her I'm sure she's kept between us. But to me, a person who is free to talk to YOU about OTHER PEOPLE also has no problem doing the same thing to you. Which I think of her, despite her telling me that she would never tell anyone I tell her anyway. I'd rather keep things to myself and blurt them out in anger or sadness at a later date.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I'm used to be condescending to people. "He's unreliable and an idiot." "She's going to fail, she's not that strong willed". But there's more to most people.(though, some really are idiots like I predicted)<br />
It's hard to change your way of thinking in a short time. The trick is to think "What would somebody else think of my situation"

I never thought of it as she's just telling things to me because she trusts me the most, the untrusting side of me automatically assumes that anything I say will be repeated. But thank you, I never looked at it that way. I'm trying my hardest to open up a little more..

Well, having trustworthy people around you is basically a requirement for a happy life. But, you might be giving your friend too little credit here. Maybe she considers you her best friend as well, so she's telling you things she wouldn't tell anyone else? And she didn't betray your trust, did she? Don't blow people off so easily. You'll turn into a bitter, cold and lonesome person. Plus, keeping it bottled inside isn't a great idea, you'll get frustrated without even knowing it.