Ohhhh...big Ache In My Fat Tummy...

My tummy feels all achy because I ate a big dinner. I eat lots of big dinners, and because of this my tummy is fat. The only bad thing about being fat in the tummy is that when it hurts, it is harder to massage and rub because of all the fat--I have to push down hard, and that hurts too. And I get more tummy aches now than I did when I wasn't fat. So now I have a tummy ache, and I get one many times a week. I just lie here on my bed and give myself a tummy rub before I go to sleep.
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Please come back!

Aw! honey, you really over did it huh.. its okay, I can give an expert belly rub for sure, I love taking care of a huge tummy when it aches, youll be okay sweetie, sleep it off *pat pat* :)


I can give you a belly massage if you want!

Other girls, talk to me about fat, aching tummies on Skype -- my SN is "thatotherme".

Your fat tummy sounds wonderful!

The roling pin sounds great too. I like to lay flat and put heavy things on my tummy to try to weigh it down then try to expand my belly against it.

A belly rubber is great. Thats What I do. Im a belly massager. I have some great tips. If your belly is big. Rub with a rolling pin...roll from the bellow the belly button up and then back down. keep repeating till you pass gas and then do the sides... Hope your belly gets better

Wow sounds interesting. You should get a belly rubber and have them stuff u more

You need a professional Belly massage. My friend and I are opening a massage area upstairs in a friends restaurant. He needs help with the rent and we have a fetish for rubbing stomach aches . It works out so well

Was your tummy gurgly?