Grovelling By Proxy

I did promised myself that I would not, repeat not, beg for a follow from Norman Reedus on twitter. Which I haven't.

But I started interacting with a very sweet German girl who would absolutely love to get a follow from him. And where many fans get their caps lock stuck and look all crazy, she just makes a friendly comment on whatever he's tweeting, and add, as if it's an afterthought: "Btw, a follow would be nice" or something along those lines. She is so gentle and polite about it, I just think she really deserves one...

Besides, she's got good taste in music (rock n roll kinda chick!) and a she's a talented photographer. So she's more than just a pretty face and a polite tweet...

So I have started supporting her in this and tweeting him to ask that he'd follow her. I've even made a promise to myself and to her that if I do get to meet him in Vancouver, I will ask him in person to follow her if he hasn't already done so by then.

Grovelling by proxy. I guess I am a complete nutcase.

EDIT: There will be no need to hassle the good man in Vancouver. EP Link

*grins from ear to ear*
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Don't think that we can't see what you're up to here missy. :)


I'm on to you, that's all I'm sayin' :)

I am not asking for a follow. I'll get to meet him in Vancouver anyways :)

Oh, I know you're not asking... but there's more than one way, isn't there? *knowing smile*

... lol. He noticed her, not me. And I didn't go and blab about it was my idea or anything. :p

*tickles you*

*tackles you*



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i dunno Kit. She's already asked, right? maybe asking for her would kinda creep him out

Yeah... maybe. I dunno. She's just so sweet.

She will stills be sweet even if he doesn't follow her on twitter !

I shouldn't even care. I've never met her. But I just care when I see how she gets her hopes up and then nothing happens and I feel sad for her.

You can care ... You totally should not feel guilty about being empathetic it's one of your qualities that we all love you for.

And I understand where you come from...I just also care for you and don't think asking him is a good idea!

Thanks Dente.

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If you meet him please don't beg for yourself or in proxy!

I won't beg. I will just mention I have a good friend on twitter who would really like a follow. Is that a bad thing to do? She'd be so happy if he did.

Honestly sweetpea I don't think it would be a good idea.

You're probably right. We just think he hasn't noticed her in the thousands of tweets maybe *shrugs* I care about other people too much, that's my problem. I don't even know this girl and I really care about her getting that stupid follow. I'm weird.

I understand but, I think it could be weird for Norman ... I think if you meet him you should treat him like a human ...not a celebrity ...and as a human if someone I didn't know and whom I just met asked me to follow their friend on twitter it would feel strange.

That's true, you're right. I complain about fangirls on twitter treating him like he's public property, but I guess doing that would be just as bad. Thanks for the advice :)

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If he is on Twitter then just ask him Kit. sheesh.

Deg, Nadine and I have been asking him to follow her since December. Either he can't see our tweets (I guess he must get thousands every day), or he can't be arsed. If it's the latter I'm very, very disappointed, because he follows other fans who are not half as nice as her imo.

*puts arm around Kit* You can bet he gets at least a thousand a day if not more. patience grasshopper. Think positive too. xo

She deserves it dammit.

I`m sure she does and so do YOU!! ;o)

Well, meeting him for real will be more special. *fingers crossed*

I would do that but it makes it way to hard to type. How about toes?

Can you cross your toes? I'm impressed!

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