I Have A Two Year Old!

I love my little girl. she just turned two, her favorite word is gummy bear. shes a little mess, tornado, wild, crazy child . The other day she took the flour out, the whole 5lb bag and ran around my house with it open, flour everywere. I try so hard to not laughf when she does these things but she is so cute.  She is triing to write on my TV and when I catch her she hides the pen behind her back. she takes off all her clothes at night to sleep  including pullup but she stays dry so its just cute. she has this clothes issue now and will ***** in public. But then she gives me that look and I cant help but laughf. tootoottoo cute. she trys to read a book by herself now and wont let me help. she got her new big girl bed and wants to be in it all the time. My other two chilren didnt have this power over me why does she? She is just so cute!!! she triies to assurt herself whenever she can she thinks shes so big and smart. she takes the world and does it all. Shes my last little two year old so I gess thats why I just let her be two!!!

motherwhy motherwhy
26-30, F
Mar 1, 2010