Crappy Times!

As a male hitting his thirties, I personally am against the idea of heading to the emergency room, unless of course, you get shot. Then, there you have it.

It all started on a Saturday Night where I went to a bar benefiting a family whose child of a condition I don't remember right now off hand. But, the bills were piling up for this family, so I was one of the 100 people there to help. Personally, they had a classic rock cover band I was interested in seeing.

At around midnight, I felt a little crappy and found myself running to the bathroom ******* like a racehorse. After my last ****, I had enough of being uncomfortable in the bar, and also, the girl I was trying to hook up left the place.

I got home feeling a little under the weather and did not fall asleep that day until 11am (at this time I was working midnights and on my days off, I would stay up till 7am usually). I awoke at 3pm and headed to CVS to get some common cold medicine. The next couple of days thinking I had a cold was nerve-wrecking and causing me some sleeplessness. I also had confusion spells and screwed-up a little at work here and there. I also forgot my ******* key code to unlock my phone! (I remembered it later).

I promised myself by that Wednesday to seek help if it doesn't improve, but by that Tuesday night, it all seemed to dimmer down and I slept well that Wednesday morning.

The next day on Thanksgiving, it seemed like something else, I had difficulty breathing and my expecting to fall asleep after work (yes, I worked Thanksgiving morning) at around 8am, instead, I fell asleep at around 11am and awoke at 3pm for my mom's Thanksgiving party.

The next day, I had to work 12 hours, I would feel okay at work but crappy in my own house. I thought I may need to get a humidifier and I did so the next day (wanted to avoid black Friday). But back to black Friday, I didn't fall asleep until 1pm and got up at 5pm to go run an errand. Same issue, difficulty breathing.

By Saturday rolled around, I got my humidifier and started that up. It brought some comfort in the air and I did finally get some sleep. however, my sleeping was limited to about three 1-2 hour increments. And boy, I gotta tell you, watching back episodes of Weeds, The League, Trailer Park Boys and Breaking Bad surely got redundant while I laid on the couch begging for sleep! It's boring as hell to be locked in your house during a snowy and cold day.

By Sunday morning at before 9, I used the gift of calling a family member who happens to be a doctor. But his wife (also a doctor) had more experience in the medicine field. When I called him, he asked, "Aren't you up a little early?"
I said, "I'm sick, I need some help."
He got his wife on the phone and she thought I had strep throat (did I spell that right?) and suggested that I should go to urgent care.

That I did, a doctor around my age who also told me he has troubles with insomnia (mine was recent, I do sleep well besides during these troubling times) had told me it's more like a Upper Respiratory Infection. He also told me that with the breathing issues that I should of went to urgent care right then or to a doctor (I never got one, little negligent on that).

Another uncomfortable day later, I saw a doctor. Nice guy who spoke my language and knows how miserable and crappy a URI makes people feel. He then sent this lady to give me a shot in my backside a little above my ***. Within an hour, all the sickness left my body (minus a developing sore throat) and I was able to breathe normal and finally move on. I wonder who’s the ******* at that bar that passed that infection to me. There was a couple of strange folk at that bar.
MrThomas MrThomas
26-30, M
Nov 27, 2012