I am 100% female enough said.
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*how can we be sure*?hhhhmmmmmmm????jkjkjkjk

can u add me??:) im in texas too lol

well good enough for me lol add?

Your profile pic tells me enough. You are very beautiful girl.

So sad. No need to explain or produce evidence to declare your indentity as a woman. You have the right to be treated as a woman with dignity.Forget about what the world says.
Be positive and think positive.

I don't understand this post...youy have a pretty feminine face...I'd love to be added if you would do so. I find it funny that you had to point this out

You go girl don't mind these ignorant people who think otherwise and you are sexy so if they can't see then they are blind

So true and people can hide on the Internet although you have seen how they really and truly are. Looking at your profile your all woman and a beautiful one


Sorry, couldn't help pushing your BUTTON..... *GRINS* ALTHOUGH ... I'm sure its not big or RED. IN FACT I bet you would rather enjoy me "PUSHING" your BUTTON... LOL...

Its va DUDE

I agree. You look nothing like a man. However, if we met and liked each other enough, I would insist on a field test, just to make sure. LOL And no, I'm not hard-pressed to find attention in that way. I just wanted to see if I could coax a grin or a giggle out of you. ;)

You look nothing like a man. People are stupid and always try to find away to get to people. It's stupid.

Funny - I am a female to! So odd? I was never nor do I want to be a man soooo crazy. I have been asked if I want to be a man because apparently having an XX chromosome set, having female body parts mean you must follow a certain set of rules and like shoes and babies more than anything else in to world.

Are you serious??? If you were born a man, then the sky is pink...

I really don't understand how this question came up. Of course you're a female :-)

yes you are dont get them come to your mind let them instead feel they are not worthy enough to be your friends thats it?

Wow they must be from a vision impaired ya self cause they don't matter!

Those are called attention seeking ******!! You really dont have to pay any heed to those losers :) YOu are really pretty cute lady ! :*

It's shocking that people would even ask! You're right, just let them think what they like!

There are alot of idiots out there. I wouldn't think for a second that you're anyone but a woman. Some people are just plain crazy, don't mind people who are jealous.

I wouldn't have bought that I think ur pretty

Haha yea stinking auto correct

I don't understand why any one would think you were a gut, You look very cute to me.

dont mind em..u r pretty

what ever you choose is the best for you and if you say you are a female then why would you need to defend it,its not there business as long you do what you wanted to be then its ok and i have friends who choose to be man or woman and still it works.

I cannot believe that people would mistake you for a male. You look completely female to me.

Hey...this world is FULL of JACKASSES...payem no mind...ur REALLY cute!

god there are so many idiots on here why would they ask u that????

That's crazy! I wouldn't have thought that about you. I think you're beautiful. People are so dumb.