My Girlie Bits :)

One of the most amazing parts of my life was the day the bandages came off and the packing came out.
I figure it must have been only the second time in my life I had seen a vagina and I figure the first time didn't count as I was probably hanging upside down  having my bottom slapped. All-right I might of seen a picture or two. but this was something special after 42 years this was my own!
The nurse had to remove a long stitch running along the lips to hold the packing in and I was told it may hurt, she was quick and it felt no worse than a smart thwack with a light thin cane :)
The packing which is like an extra large Tampax came out and I then had a bath to clean everything up before I began a regime of regular dilation to ensure it healed and formed properly.
I felt sooooo good! this was also the first time I had been allowed out of bed for three days and I was soon dancing around the ward wheeling a drip stand and carrying a catheter bag singing "I Feel so good!" and telling everyone "I feel better than James Brown!"

To this day I am still so proud and happy that I have a vagina :)

waddlergirl waddlergirl
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

To finally have something that you have only dreamed about since the young age of two, is going to be so emotional. I hope that my time comes sooner than later.

oh my I can hardly wait...

I know what you mean Ali, it has been a lifelong dream.