Fond Of My *****!!!

I simply love *****. I think I love ***** so much because I love playing with mine. Like I've already said, I **** off at least twice a day. But usually more. Even when I'm not ******* myself, I like to sometimes just touch my *****.

I always get so turned on when I touch my ***** but I don't **** myself every time. For instance, if I'm watching tv, I'll just reach my hand down my pants and run a finger or two over the length of my ***** lips. Maybe I'll part my ***** lips and tap my **** a few times. Nothing too skilled, just a few hard taps. 

Then I'll start thinking about how I want to **** off soon. But I won't do it yet. Maybe a half an hour will go by, then I'll reach my hand down my pants again and go straight for my ****. This time I'll rub it close with two fingers for about 10 seconds. Then I pull my hand out. I'm usually pretty turned on at this point and I try to force myself not to touch my ***** for at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes goes by, I'll put my hand down my pants again. By this time I'm usually really wet. So I'll spend some time just playing with my wetness. I'll rub at my ***** to move the ***** juices around. I usually flutter my middle finger in the slit of my ***** lips so that I can hear the juices slurp around. 

I've made myself pretty worked up by then but I'll stop anyway. I just like to know that my ***** is wet. I like the way it makes my ***** feel. So I'll stop playing with myself and I'll just lay there with a wet *****. I won't touch myself again for a while. Knowing that my ***** is wet turns me on all the more, and keeps me nice and wet for a long time. I'll just lay there on the couch watching tv with a wet *****. Sometimes I'll move my hips a little or clench my *** hard so that I can feel parts of my wet ***** touching other parts of my wet *****. Every now and then I'll reach my hand down my pants just so I can feel that my entire ******* ***** is wet. 

Then, maybe two hours after I first touched my ***** it will be time for me to play with myself until I get off. Sometimes, I'll go over to my computer and watch *****-eating ****. Sometimes I'll go up to my room and pretend I'm eating *****. Then sometimes I'll just stay right there on the living room couch and reach my hand down my pants and finger my **** really hard and fast. I can usually get off really fast that way. 

My ***** is really wet right now. I can tell by how smoothly the vibrator is massaging my ****. I like to pull back a little from the vibrator, by lifting my *** up just a little bit. That way the vibrator rocks back and forth between my soaked ***** lips and then those same soaked ***** lips slap up against my drenched, throbbing ****. ****, it feels so ******* good. 

I'm going to turn my vibrator onto full speed now and then go read over everything I just wrote. ****, here we go! Ahhhhh.
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I hope it was good one.

Would enjoy rim lick you as you use your vibrator ...

Wow. You are a naughty naughty girl :)

I see we have something in common. I luv to play with ***** too ;)
I like to lick the ***** while squeezing the **** and nipples. When the **** start to get firm and nipples hard I start sucking the **** and insert the vibrator till I get a good taste of her ***.


Hi babe,lovely stories,would like to see more of you,really awesome.

I'm all about the ***** also. I luv it smooth. I luv to lick it till I can taste the sweet ***. It is so YUMMY !!!

add me

oh damn

Love this story!

Wow. my **** is hard!!!!!!

Nice story

Suck an amazing story. Sexy, huge turn on

Aaaaah my dear, can't tell you how much i want to join in this pleasure with you

wow!! :)

I sure would love to watch you do this and lick and play with your ***** can you add me to your circle!

That is a hot description! Got me throbbing hehe

would so love to taste your wet *****

I love how you play with your Kitty. Good girl.


damn, you are so good with pleasing yourself and describing what you like to have done i hope it does not preclude having me come and join you

Hot damn!

Fantastic story! I do this myself... although I have a **** of course... But "edge-play" I guess you can call it is the best... That final release cannot be compared to.... Cant wait to read more from you!

The cover photo is cute, and after the story I would love to see more of you. Please add me as a friend, I wish to look at your album.

wow that is so hot, can i help you:-)

More teasing till u finally climax. Exactly the same pattern for a girl to use her fu(k buddy. Enjoy...

such a great story, I would love to just have a ***** for a day so I could try and feel everything you girls experience.
but then agian if I did have one I prob wouldn't give it back

You remind me of a girl I used to sit next to in my English class as a freshman in college. She loved to get off in class; would always be touching herself, through her clothes though.

Such a great story such great description of pleasure.

Such a wonderful description of what you do. Can almost see it through your words . Very hot . Please add me as a friend.

That is One Erotic account of enjoying your yourself!!! Thanx for sharing..

Love your stories, they are really hot

Love stroking and reading your stories

I do the same thing with myself sometimes.

I love that you Love Beautiful sweet Divine ***** so much. ***** is such sweet pure love and wants the Love of men and women always. Loving your own sweet ***** is so essential and I always whisper in my lover's ear when we are loving "tell me that you Love your beautiful sweet *****" and it's so sexy when she responds "I do...I love my *****." You are so beautiful and sexy for sharing this and being you :) xo

Whenever you're ready I'll be upstairs waiting for you to eat my ***** x

wow that got me stroking my ****

Oh man do I wish I had your time. It all changes once you have kids. I get about 5 minutes sitting on the toilet with my vibrator on my ****, lol. Fast, but effective ;)

aw...thank you sweetie. It's because I can make you laugh isn't it....and look good doing it ;) LOL. Hope you know the feeling is mutual. xoxo

LOL. Well, I sorta doubt "babe00" actually has a ****, given the fake avatar and the content of "her" profile, but your point is still valid LG! LOL. They do change things.

LOL. I did think the story was a little excessive....I mean even I couldn't compete with all that playing! ;)

I love your story. You have made me wet. Just like me you don't see ************ as a quick release. I think of it as pampering myself and take a lot of time over it.

Would love to see it and if i had a ***** that's exactly what and how i would do it

Got to agree, ******* are best and the wetter the better !!

Well U sertenly know what works & just how 2 work it Baby , I'd love 2 watch & help out sometime !!

Mmmmm you got my ***** all nice and wet ;) come lick up the mess you made ;)

I love to tease a ***** till its all wet and begging for more. The same as I love to have my **** teased to the point of ******* but not allow myself to ***...staying hard for as long as possible before spraying everywhere. I'd love to see pics of that wet slippery ***** of yours.

nice......i luv to hear the juices slurp around in a wet ***** when my **** is working it.

De-lish !!!

That was a nicely written story. It was very descriptive and got me going. I like to edge one for hours upon hours myself.

I think I am already fond of that ***** of yours, however I would love to see your pics; it will make my fantasies so much more erotic! Please add me?

you certainly know how to play with your *****

Awesome..go for it!