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I Want A Penis Instead (sometimes)

Some days I'd rather have a penis.


Those are the days where I am forced to use a public bathroom. I will not sit on a public toilet seat. EW. i have to put lots of toilet paper down, and then make sure it doesnt touch the seat. Because, then Im doubly safe!! Every time I am in a public bathroom I pray for a penis.

Anyone wanna trade?

WinterPrincess21 WinterPrincess21 18-21, F 41 Responses Nov 8, 2009

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As a man I can be honest with you. It's true that we guys don't need to sit down to take a pee. It's also true that not every man's penis works for sex. You girls have it made. First off, you don't need to be in the mood to have sex. You do if you wanna get wet. And yeah, it's that wetness that's lubricant. But you could always apply artificial lube. Gotta love the sex industry. However, if you're a guy and you're not in the mood your junk wont get hard. And unlike a gal who can simply add lube to 'make it work' a guy has no such miracle additive. We're soft, aint nothing in the world that'll make it hard short of Viagra. And then if you don't have a doctor to get a script for it forget about it. You might as well wear a strap on like most kinky women do. So to sum it up, M'Lady? Be happy with what you have. Oh...and BTW? I've tried it with both parties, that whole "experimenting with your sexuality/curiosity" and all that jazz. I'm "A-Sexual".

whenever i go to toilet i pray of having a vagina i trade with u

I'll trade my penis for your vagina

i wis i could trade


yep i would make that trade. I hate having a penis, but i do not feel like having SRS untill it might be possible to make a 'trade' (and when i have the money for anything like that). So yea that would be a deal :P

I'll make that trade - - I think it would be fun to have a vagina.

I have often wondered what it would be like to have a penis. I can pee standing up, but it has to be a totally different experience peeing with a penis.

I would trade you bodies in a heartbeat. I wish I was a beautiful girl all the time. Girls have it so lucking. ;-)

no you could be an ugly girl (no offence) or an ugly guy, or you could be a really sexy girl or guy.. you cant say one sex is nicer than another. also you might thinkk so since you are straight male and your hormones make you think that

At most camping stores you can get a funnel that allows girls to pee standing up.

A Shewee!!!! :D lol

i will trade with you right now. I would do anything to trade sexs with you. I will give you my male self for your woman self, and i will never look back. If you can make it happen, i am now ready.. bring it on.

I'll trade sweetie,anytime you like,I've been wanting what you have all my life.

LOL no you don't hun :P i use to have one, but i upgraded to a vagina, ( yes i'm a post-op mtf transsexual, i had a sex change ;) ) and yes as gross as public rr's are, be glad you have yours naturaly. :)

Not all of us have the money to go to get a sex change. I am not happy with what I have naturally:(

There are times when I go to the bathroom that I want a penis instead of a vagina. I want a penis so badly.

i want a vagina and breast so badly

Will trade

Ladies, if you are going out knowing that you might have to use a terrible loo. You could just wear a foley cath and when its time to go just pull out the cath, unclip/plug it and go standing up. Either in the ladies restroom or if necessary in the mens at a urinal.

Anybody else who expected this to be a "man stuck in a woman's body" story? Maybe it's just me. I would trade in a heartbeat. If only it didn't require surgery that 90% of the time ends up with a decorative nonfunctional hoohah. Men have it easier, they really do.<br />
And as for the whole public toilet thing, women can learn to pee standing up. It's all about angles....

no thanks..i love being a guy!

I want a Vagina :P I want t obe a gir lbecause i hate being a guy and i keep thinking of haveing a sex change.

When I look at a womwn I look at her breasts as they are beautiful! Some are more beautiful than others, but they are all beautiful! I am a male and I do crossdress and would rather have breasts than a vagina!

I'll trade u I really want a vagina so badly

Please delete the duplicate entries.

I'll trade u I really want a vagina so badly

I'll trade u I really want a vagina so badly

I'll trade u I really want a vagina so badly

I would gladly trade you sexes right now. I wish I had a *****, cuz I want a straight man, children and a sex organ I would love to be pleasured by a penis.. So yea, lets do it. I am ready right now... I am gonna try right now.

I wanna trade mine is always in the way and hurts like **** if i get hit in that spot

check me out i want to talk

Still wish I was a women...

I love my penis. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Its perfect to me. I like my thickness, length, curvature, shape, varying thickness, color, veins, strength, hardness, muscularity, head, skin and testes. I am completely satisfied. It would be okay to be a little bigger although it is already as thick as an average female forearm.

You can have mine. I hate having a penis. Always in the way, just one thing I would change if I could.