It is about 2 individuals, Cain and Eli

Introduction—Cain’s Perspective:
“We are the most ancient inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula, and the vanguard of the West against the Barbarism from the East for thousands of years. However, the Christians demonized us, while the oriental Barbarism always sought to destroy us. After the Communism, my kinds are all gone…except me. I am the last Strigois, the last vampire.”

This is a story about Cain, a 200-year-old vampire with the look of 17-year-old. Escape from the chaos in the post-Communist Romania, he decides leave his past behind and starts a new life as an adopted child in rural Alaska, the United States. When he meets his first American friend, a lonely, socially awkward young girl who newly moves to this remote town, he tries to do everything for her as well as integrating to the human’s community. However, the local residents despise him, and his loved one betrays him. With a broken heart, he hides himself for years. After a group of mountaineers accidentally discover and rescue Cain, he decides to give humanity another chance and start a journey across America in order to find the method to transform himself back to a human. On the other hand, he later finds out the girl he once loved has been transformed to what he once was, a ruthless vampire. Cain will stop her before she lost her humanity—with any cost.

Introduction—Eli’s perspective:

“Do you believe in the Angel and the Demon? Does the Good and the Evil struggle in the world we live in? I have never believed in those Armageddon bullshits, but my answer is: yes, because I have seen Demons. When I was 17, I met one of them, a boy who has brought me nothing but suffering. I tried to start my new life, but he came back again and wanted to destroy everything around me after six years. This time, I will not hide, and I will not escape; I will put a stake on his heart and bury him with my own hands.”

It is a story about a young girl called Elisha “Eli” Thurman, a bright yet socially awkward girl. When she is 17, she moves to a remote Alaskan town and lives with his abusive stepfather. In her first day of the school, she meets a charismatic Romanian exchanged student, a mature boy. They later become the best friends. However, when the days go by, she discovers that the boy was strange in many ways; he is very pessimistic, dislikes light, and refuses to tell his past. Their misunderstanding first jeopardizes their relationship. After they breaks up, a series of incidents and murders around Eli shock this rural town and pushed her to the edge to mental collapse. It ends up after Eli went mad, her stepfather was dead, and that boy disappears.

After a year, Eli was recovered, and started her life all over again. However, her past would not let go. She first lost her brother and fiancée. Later on, some “supernatural creatures” started to attack her. In order to survive, Eli noticed that she must face her worst nightmare and fight back. However, she will never expect that those incidents are only the beginning for her journey to the underworld of American vampires. Between the twilight zone of fantasy and reality, where vampires are no longer a myth and reality is nothing she once believes, can she remain her own humanity in the realm of darkness?
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Jan 12, 2013