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Velvet Fetish

Velvet Diary

It all started back in the 1960s, I must have been about seven years old.  Whilst exploring the spare room I discovered a women's suit made from red chunky corduroy with a fur collar. Don't ask me why but it was instant excitement for me, physical excitement. I had to try this suit on right away, but something was not quite right. Thinking about this later I realised that my mother didn't wear clothes underneath this sort of thing only underwear. The next opportunity I had I sneaked back to the spare room and tried again. This time something else happened that got rather messy, but the feeling was out of this world. Yes I'd had my first ******.

Many returns were made to the spare room over the next few weeks until the suit disappeared. During my experimentation I discovered that I preferred wearing these clothe inside out with the soft furry side against my skin.

This was the start of a really big thing in my life in which I still indulge although I am now in my 50s and on my third marriage. My wife is very sympathetic to this fetish (which is what it has become) although she says she cannot understand what it's all about she does not have a problem with it.

Over the years I have built up a very large collection of velvet clothes. Twice I have thrown the lot away vowing to grow up and come to my senses, but I always start shopping again before very long.

Through the years I have bought many velvet items of clothing, almost all of which is women's clothing. This in itself has led me to realise I have a liking for wearing women's clothes, but only in the bedroom alone. I have no desire to be a woman or to go out  looking like one. I am 100% male and am completely hetrosexual, although i do have a fascination for hermaphrodites transvestites and transexuals. I consider myself a cross dresser not a transvestite as I have no desire to look like a woman just a desire to wear particular clothing.

These fetishes haves remained a secure secret and I intend for them to continue as such.

My collection now includes just about all you could think of underwear, bodysuits, leotards, tops, pants, skirts jumpsuits, catsuits and my absolute favourites my hot pants. I'v even progressed into zentai suits which cover the whole body.

I always wear a pair of velvet shorts in bed, my wife now refers to them as my pyjamas.

So I have a velvet fetish. Is this a problem? Nobody gets hurt, I consider it a very important part of my life. My wife isn't bothered by it, so all I can say is life is good, long live velvet.
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this is absolutely no problem. who cares? your liberal minded wife is ok with it and it gives you great pleasure, you should just get on with life remembering we all have our own pet loves underneath, you have had the courage to talk about it. well done Reg

Hi and you are not alone. I just posted my story several days ago on how I got myself hooked to velvet fetish. I remembered long ago of my mom worn corduroy pants around the house, but didn't clicked me on. Although it's velvet-like, I once begged for boys teenage black corduroy coat to wear for school. I got turned off from kids thought I'm wearing a girls coat, thus stopped wear it for good. It's girls velvet shoes that got me started; velvet pants, skirts, etc. not happened until 1970s. I musta have over 50 women velvet pants, many velvet skirts, etc. of various sizes - some I can wear. I should make an inventory list on how many velvet dresses, pants, etc. that I have in my collection. I already have velvet shoes inventory list. I wish I know how many velvet fetish, or velvetaholic fans out there today; I'm one of them! I can't live without a velvet dress, pants, etc. on me when I'm in great velvet mood almost everyday. I'm heading for a couple of thrift stores now . . . .

No problem at all. I am into velvet + ! You name it,I do it--corduroys,silks,satins,pvc's,slips,skirts & dresses.I am not a transvestite,nor do I have any desire to be one.I was born with a Y chromosome and quite proud of that fact ! Self-hating men ?! NO WAY !!!!!! With that being said,my female clothes outnumber my male clothes by a very wide margin with just my slip collection alone at 1,505 !

@velvetbrian i fell the same way about velvet in my high school years my crush was wearing velvet so i would go hug her and stroke the velvet i would act like i trpped

Hi thanks for your story, its very similar to my own.<br />
I first discovered velvet when I went to a party when very young. My aunty was wearing a long brown dress made out of this wonderful material!<br />
It made me feel all 'hot' and 'funny' in my stomach when I touched it and I spent the evening clinging on to her and I even asked her why she didn't wear it the other way around because it felt so good! (this is way before I had any ideas about sex!)<br />
As I grew older I always loved velvet and would look at women wearing it and touch there dresses 'accidently' and touch velvet clothes in shops!<br />
Its important now to mention my other fetish, well one of them! and that is hypnosis, mind control, druggings and gassings, all the sort of thing you see on Dr Who, Avengers Saterday morning Tv etc, these things all giving me the same feeling as velvet feeling hot and excited, again before any knowledge of sex!<br />
As I got a bit older I would get hard looking at pictures of women in velvet and satin clothes( being hypnotized!) instead of the naked pictures I was supposed to do!<br />
I had my first ****** lying on my bed after drawing straps and a swinging watch on a picture of a women dressed in a velvet gown sitting on a chair,humping into a small piece of velvet I had stolen from my cousin!<br />
When I got a job and could afford it I used to nervously buy velvet from local shops and charity shops, but I always thought some one was watching! After a while the inevitable happened, I had bought a dress which was big enough to try on, I pulled it on, it was still a bit tight.but as soon as I run my hands over my body in the dress I came almost instantly!<br />
My wife knows about my fetish as I have bought her many dresses to wear in bed for me( but she doesn't know I wear them when she goes out!), sometimes she slowly wanks me into the dress she is wearing!<br />
have to go now will continue later!

you are so right, my story is almost the same! velvet forever!