Out Of Control...

They say our parents shouldn't define who we are. My dad is looked upon as a great guy, with no flaws. All of my family members treat him as if he is a saint. He believes he is better than any of my family members and is always, always right. No one sees what is truly going on behind the curtains. He treats me terribly and makes cruel jokes, insults me, etc. and he never pays the price for his actions. My mom doesn't know what to do. I can't tolerate this for another 4 months. Something has got to give.
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I feel rhe same way. My mom has started to act like my dad. The more time she spends with my dad, the more she acts like him. It is almost as if she is brainwashed by him. Every day is a new threat. At times, my m

I was saying that at times, my mom is the abuser and others itnis both of them. Mostly, it is my dad.

My dad is the same way. I'm supposed to go to counciling/therapy and he wants me to sign a release to let him know what we talk about. I'm like **** you. That would defeat the ******* purpose of going.<br />
It's getting worse too. I was seeing someone while I was in school for my depression. He would call and check up on me and ask me what we talked about, but he'd back off and say I didn't have to tell him if I didn't want to. <br />
I don't know what to do. I'm to the point where I just want to end my own life sometimes. I even told my mom I wish I had the courage to do it once. Of course she flipped out. But I really just want this pain to end.

Dear Freshmen867,<br />
I understand how you must feel. My father appears to be a great guy to people outside the family. In fact, your dad and mine should get together for a beer....they sound like they have a lot in common!<br />
I hope you are coping well since you posted your story. "Coping" is the best thing you can do, until you can get out of the situation. Since you said you have 4 months, I'm assuming you are going away to school, maybe? <br />
You deserve a good life. Do not take what your father says to heart. He is just using the emotional/verbal abuse as a tool to control you. I know, I've been there. So what ever he is saying to hurt you/control you, let it roll off your back. Soon, you can get away from it. Then, I advise you to stay away from him. I, myself, refuse to be alone with my father, because that is when he takes the opportunity to verbally/emotionally abuse me. Be strong. Don't believe the hurtful things he says....remember, that is his tool to control you. <br />
Hang in there. Once you get away, surround yourself with friends who love you and respect you for the person you are. Beware of men who are like your father. Find a man who respects and loves you for who you are. <br />
Forgive your father, if you can, but love and protect yourself first.