Love The Brothers, Hates The Me.

My father has said to me blatantly that he loved my brothers more than me. He treats them as though they are perfect, and often yells at me for stuff they do, because since I'm their older brother, I should be there to stop it. He treats them like children, when they are both no more than 3 years younger than me. Also, what ****** me off the most is the fact that whenever they screw up, he says "hey! don't start being like your brother!" right in front of me. I have had minimal grade trouble, but that is no excuse for him to treat me like this. He has threatened to beat me to a point that he would have to go to jail, and he wouldn't care. He overeacts over the smallest things ever. Just the other day, he yelled at me for an hour because I didn't put dressing on his f*cking salad. What do I do?
AmericanViajero AmericanViajero
May 18, 2012