Perfect Family?

My mother was the kind of mother every child in the world should have. She would go out of her way to make sure my two sisters and I were happy. No matter what the situation, she was always there for us.

My father on the other hand, only truly ever cared about himself. He would buy food and drinks for himself, going as far to put locks on the cabinets and refrigerator and not even attempt to try and feed his family. He would yell and curse at me and my sisters for the quietest sounds in the world, claiming I was tearing the house down. When doing something as simple as walking through the hallway would cause him to blow up, it's easy to say that my childhood doesn't contain any happy moments whenever I was around him.

Day in and day out, being called anything and everything under the sun, I always wondered what I did wrong? I tried so hard to be the son that he wanted me to be, but never met his imaginary expectations. My mother would talk him up as if he were such a great man, and he isn't always like this, Basically supporting his behavior by letting him continue to verbally and sometimes physically tear his children down.

My older sister moved out when she was 15 to go and live with my maternal grandmother, after a couple of physical altercations between her and my father. I was happy for her, and glad that one of us finally got away from him. My mother was heartbroken because her family was falling apart, even though I remember a time when all she ever did was be caring and concerned for her children and our well being, why would she want us to live in an environment like that? I wished I myself had did the same thing my sister had done, but my concern for my mother kept me home.

As the years went on, the lies and accusations and name calling grew worse and worse. Constantly being lied upon that I was a drug addict and participated in gangs and such. He even went as far as to tell his entire side of the family that I was doing all sorts of things that I have never even attempted in my life. Still I let my mother talk me into staying home after all of that. His public persona put us as a perfect family with no flaws, while his home persona has an unwarranted rage filled hatred for his children.

I stuck around after high school (my mistake), deciding he might possibly be right about me not being smart enough to go to college, so I started working, helped payed the bills around the house, and gave my parents whatever amount of money they asked for. I saw the error of my ways and decided to enroll in a community college down the road from our house. Of course this infuriates him, as he belittles me once more with the fact that I am too dumb to listen to him about not being intelligent, and that I wont be able to afford it, because he sure as hell wasn't going to help me. Which was fine because I was and still am paying for the classes out of my own pocket, without his assistance.

It's gotten to a boiling point over the last few months and I realize that I can't support my mother anymore, if she wants to continue having that poison in her life, she can, but for me I'm done and once I'm gone, I'm never looking back.
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sorry about that. im am in the same situation///////how r u?

I don't blame you. Your dad needs a good old fashion *** beating