He's rarely, if ever, verbally abusive to me. To my mom, sometimes, my 9 yr old sister rarely, but my brother is 3 yrs younger than me at 14 and he gets the brunt of it. Granted he's stubborn and can be kind of a d***head at times, but in my dad's eyes, he can never do anything right. He's belittled, however subtly, by my dad, he's constantly blamed for any fights that occur between us siblings or siblings vs. mom, and I'm so tired of listening to it.
My dad likes to act macho and slam crap around when he's pissed; he SLAMS himself up out of his chair and starts yelling for whoever he's pissed at, makes BS threats of violence that he's never followed through with (spanking, basically, though we're all teens now...), and constantly acts aggressive and angry towards problems rather than rational or responsible.
I wish I had a different father because although I feel sorry for and on some level appreciate this one, I don't want to be around him any more.
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sorry to hear that, take care