I Grew Up With a Verbally Abusive Father

My dad would always yell and call everyone stupid. It took me awhile to get those words out of my head. Our relationship is strained today because of the way he treated my mom, brother, & me. My mom is still married to him. He still treats her like crap. The other day the subject came up about me getting my son a phone.(He's only 10) Anyways my mom said well you didn't have a phone. I replied yes I did but dad always cut the line because I called my boyfriend(who is my hubbie now) He didn't like it that I called a boy but a boy could call me. My dad said well I don't remember doing that. I replied well I do. My dad was so bad I couldn't wait to get out of there. I started living with my boyfriend. It was so much better without someone calling me names. I don't think parents really realize how much damage this can cause.

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5 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Always know that you're not alone :)

I totally understand how you feel. My father used to verbally oppress and abuse us. I have two alcoholic siblings, one drug dealing sibling, one twilight zone sibling and me a codependent. I got married at 18 two days after highschool just to escape.

dads are fd up. seiously

girl i think me and you are going in a same situation hey,as im commenting here my eyes are full of tears,that sometimes i feel i could kill myself

generally, most parents don't.<br />
maybe he has some issues himself which need to be sorted? <br />
it's the same with bullies, usually the bullies are the ones with the problem. not their victim.<br />
so it seems like that kind of case. don't take it to heart. Your dad gets a little jealous sometimes maybe because you're his little girl? he doesn't like the thought of you being grown up.