Oh Hell Yeah!

I have A VERY difficult mother! I'm 21n she treats me like a child all the time!She doesn't like me having friends or doing well in my job or social life!

The real reason is that she didn't complete high school because she was forced out by bullies! so she hasn't got a proper education or alot of friends all she has is bad memories!

Yeah i do feel so sorry for her as i wouldn't wish her childhood on anyone as I know as i got bullied from reception! aged 4 n it never stopped until end of college but i never given to them i always stood up for what i believed in and stood my ground!

I was the first child of all my family who went into college and i think she begrudges me of that!

I haven't got that many friends but she doesn't like them to come into the house or doesn't like me going out with them! where as she lets my Lil sister have her boyfriend round and to sleep over whenever she feels like it! Not that i do what my mother says i don't listen to her n do as i feel but i tend to do many things in secret!

She threatened to throw me out of the house when she found out i lost my virginity at the tender age of17 for christsake!!!! so i have kept all guys under wraps she has only ever met one boyfriend and that was enough!!

She shouted at me the other day as i have got a credit card and just purchased 2 tickets to download festival and she doesn't want me to go as she doesn't trust me enough she thinks I be drinking doing drugs n shagging around! just what me smack head big sister does so i have seen how ****** up her life is and i never wanna be like her!!!

sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 7, 2007