Am I Going Insane?

 I walked into my lounge and noticed my mam sitting down with a cup of tea, I asked her if the kettle had just boiled and she said yes, so I went in my kitchen and made myself a coffee, I didn't check the kettle or re-boil it. I walked back in the lounge and took a tiny sip out of my cup, my coffee was slightly warm. I turned to her saying that she had just told me the kettle had just boiled, she then replied with a smirk that it didn't matter as I never drink my coffee hot anyway.

Well it did matter, I had a luke warm cup of coffee and she had told me the kettle had just boiled, yes, this may seem really petty, but why couldn't she just say it needed re-boiling. 

I'm so glad yet another holiday with her is over

amigoodenough amigoodenough
36-40, F
Apr 17, 2009