Good Memory V Bad Memory

 I have a great memory for fact & stories, but I'm rubbish at remembering names & dates.

I always have an approbriate song or factoid for the occasion or situation - something that can annoy people at time!

I also have no sense of time - I have difficulty remembering when something happened, though I can remember lots of other details about what happened.

Do you find you have a good memory - but only for certain thing? I guess different parts of the brain get more developed then others ;D

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

We have really similar memorisation type :)<br />
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I used to be in a choir about 7 years ago & I can still remember the lyrics & tunes to dozens of songs.<br />
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Good point about the interest thing! If its boring, I don't pay attention & Sayonara info.<br />
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Like you I can pick up stories straight from where I left off, even if it's been months.<br />
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I guess my problem would be I'd have forgotten the name of the person who was telling it, d'oh. Though I would recognise them - I'm pretty good with faces.

I have a good memory for verbal information. One of the upshots of this ability is, that I have a pretty large database of completely useless lyrics in my head. More beneficial to me is, that I remember exactly things like how DNA makes our cells function as I learned in highschool some 30 years ago.<br />
And indeed, I seldom make notes about my clients, I just remember their stories and we take it up where we left off last time. That comes in handy.<br />
Motivation has much to do with it though... If something does not interest me, I can't remember it even for 10 minutes.

You posted this before or did you forget?<br><br />
LOL (sorry i could not resist)